Italy registers 853 deaths from covid in one day, the worst figure since m

The second wave of coronavirus is hitting Italy hard. The country registered 853 deaths yesterday by covid-19, a figure that had not been produced since the end of March, in the worst moments of the pandemic last spring.

This Monday, Italy exceeded the barrier of 50,000 deaths, which already reaches more than 52,000 cases. This Thursday a total of 1.48 million people infected by the virus and 637,149 recovered, according to the figures published daily by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In this way, Italy is in the eighth position of countries hardest hit by the pandemic, behind the United States, India, Brazil, France, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom and ahead of Argentina and Colombia.

This Wednesday it was also announced that Italy and the US will be connected by coronavirus-free flights, where passengers will have to undergo tests PCR, some flights with an experimental nature that if they work could be normalized for the summer.



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