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The Technical Scientific Committee that advises the Italian Government proposed last night reduce quarantine from 14 to 10 days and only one negative test, and not two like so far, to be able to get out of isolation, while new measures are confirmed such as limiting the number of people in the private meetings and the closing hours of the premises.

In addition, the new protocol that will have to be adopted by the Ministry of Health It foresees that the asymptomatic who do not test negative, after 21 days the quarantine will be terminated.

After the ten days of quarantine, which replace the current 14, only one test should be performed and if the result is positive, the person will have to perform another seven days of isolation, at the end of which they will undergo a test again.

In case of testing positive again, must remain in quarantine for four more days and then perform one last molecular test. The Scientific Technical Committee relies on studies that state that at twenty days the viral load is so low that the subject can no longer infect.

This new measure and the next ones studied by the Government to limit the contagions that have been triggered in the last month they will have to be approved in a new decree expected in the middle of the week.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, has already announced that limits will be placed on private meetings and also to the closing times of the premises.

The media also advance that matches of any sport can be prohibited between friends.

For the moment, the Government has extended the state of emergency until January 31 in order to continue facing the pandemic with urgent decrees and has imposed the obligation to wear the mask at all times, also outdoors.

“75% of infections occur in family relationships. The guard is lowered and the mask is removed “, Speranza said in justifying the new measures.

Speranza assured that there will be no national confinement, but indicated that “the new anti-covid regulations that will be approved are nationally and that the regions will have the possibility to act only on more restrictive rules. “

The minister also confirmed that in the next few days family doctors can perform the tests and that five million tests are coming in for this purpose.

The latest data on infections in Italy were 5,456 new cases with 104,658 tests performed.

The total number of infections is 354,950 as of February 21 when the emergency began in the country and the death rate is 36,166.

Although the case figures are the same as those registered in April, in full confinement, the data in hospitals are reassuring for the moment, since 4,519 people are admitted and 420 are in intensive care units, very far from the 5,000 who had to be assisted in the ICU at that time.



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