In an interview with the public television channel RAI, Speranza said that new restrictive measures are needed, after a more relaxed regime of a few weeks, to avoid the introduction of quarantine at the national level.
The announcement by the Italian Minister of Health comes after Italy on Friday exceeded 5,000 daily cases of illness with the new coronavirus. The number of infections remained the same over the weekend. However, the deaths caused by COVID-19 are much less numerous than at the height of the pandemic, in March and April.
Thus, Speranza explained that he proposed banning private parties attended by children and adults, while in Rome the opening hours of bars and restaurants could be reduced. At the same time, in the case of contact sports, athletes may be required to wear a mask.
The package of restrictions is to be discussed with the regions on Monday and will be included in a decree that could be signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on the evening of the same day.
On Sunday, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio ruled out the scenario of re-imposing quarantine at the national level, arguing that the Italian economy cannot afford such a measure.
On the other hand, the Italian Technical and Scientific Committee (CTS), the body that advises the government in combating the COVID-19 epidemic, proposes measures to relax the health protocol, such as reducing the quarantine period from 14 to 10 days, according to AFP , quoted by Agerpres.
According to the CTS proposal to be adopted by the government on Monday or Tuesday, the quarantine period will be only 10 days, and a single negative test will be enough to determine if a person is cured, according to a CTS information released on Sunday night .
This rule would apply to asymptomatic patients, while people who have developed symptoms will be subject to the same provisions if they have not shown symptoms in the last three days.