Italy imposes curfew for 16 million people in two regions to curb second wave of coronavirus

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The pandemic continues to advance and in the last day 10,874 new infections were registered. Lombardy, and in the Naples region, the most affected.

Italy will impose a night curfew in two of its most populated regions, Lombardy (north) and Campania (south), especially hit by a pandemic that continues to advance and that today touched 11,000 infections again and left 89 dead.

The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and the rest of the country’s authorities do not want to hear about a general confinement to appease a curve that has not stopped rising in recent weeks and that grows without restraint with more than 10,000 daily infections.

However, the regions are already deciding what measures to take and that of Lombardy and Campania, two of the three largest in Italy and that add up to almost sixteen million people, they have chosen to ask the central government to apply a night curfew.

The latest figures place Campania, whose capital is Naples, as one of the regions with the most infections -this Tuesday 1,312- although with half as many tests as Lombardy. However, this trend is of particular concern due to the scarce and impoverished infrastructures it has.

For that reason its governor, Vincenzo De Luca, announced that he will ask the central government to impose a night curfew from Friday between 11:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. local to limit the nightlife and reduce infections.

At night people you can only leave your homes for health reasons, labor or emergencies, the same ones that were applied during the general lockdown last spring.

De Luca had already implemented some unpopular measures to curb the pandemic in his territory, such as the closure of schools, something criticized by the central government, and also imposed a curfew to avoid the Halloween party on October 31.

To ensure compliance with the curfew, he has asked Rome to reinforce the security forces and advanced that the Ministry of the Interior has promised to send a hundred soldiers.

The first on the list of infections is Lombardy, a region very different from Campania for being the most prosperous and industrialized in the country, although it has been the epicenter of the pandemic from the first moment it broke out in Italy on February 21.

In the last twenty-four hours has exceeded two thousand cases (2,023) while hospitalized patients continue to grow (1,268 in ward and 123 in intensive care), although in this second wave the hottest point is its capital, Milan, and not its provinces.

This has led the regional government to ask Rome last night to apply the curfew, an idea that immediately received the “nihil obstat” from the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza.

The idea of ​​Lombardy, replicated hours later in Campania, is that of limit nightlife in its territory despite the damage it can inflict on the hospitality industry. To end up in a new confinement would be worse for all sectors without a doubt.

About fifty Lombard restaurant owners protested Tuesday at the gates of the Palacio Marino, the seat of the regional government, to ensure that the curfew is equivalent to their “death.”

The pandemic It continues to advance in Italy and in the last day 10,874 new infections were registered, returning to the levels of days before after a slight reduction over the weekend, when far fewer diagnostic tests are performed.

With this increase, the number of people who contracted the virus since the start of the crisis in Italy in mid-February has risen to 439,449.

There were 89 deaths on the last day, a figure that had not been seen since the beginning of June and which brings the death toll to 36,705.


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