Italy breaks the ceiling of the 50 thousand deaths from coronavirus and doctors return to the dilemma of who to save or let die

The country returns to the dramatic situation of March. Premier Conte asked Italians to spend a “sober” Christmas to avoid a third wave.

Although there are 40 days left, Italians cling to the dream of a Christmas as normal as possible, but reality shows that the pandemic can enter a terrible third wave if the firm reins of controls to prevent contagion are not maintained. This Monday 630 deaths were registered, bringing the total to 50,453 dead with 22,930 infected.

Italy was for months the worst hit country in Europe and is now second only to Great Britain. The pressure is enormous to oxygenate the national spirit with measures that make less harsh “Christmas” what is coming, what is the holiday dearest of the Italians.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said that if the rigorous controls continue and that the opening measures at the end of the year holidays must be specified according to the movement of the epidemic curve in the next two weeks, which according to some scientists gives signs of having reached the peak and entered a plateau.

Conte explained that there are no illusions and that a mistake could explode in the winter January a third wave of worse consequences, because it coincides with the peak of the annual flu epidemic.

The deputy director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Radaro Guerra, explained that “the numbers tell us that there is a slowdown in the curves, but not a decrease in the cases of contagion. “It may be that in some countries they increase with less speed, but this data is not enough to reassure us.” Guerra said that “Christmas should be sober and calm,” without celebrations or excesses of any kind. “

On Friday, December 4, the Italian government will announce reductions of the restrictions aimed at avoiding a coup de graces to merchants and the catering sector, which depend heavily on year-end billings. Prime Minister Conte said that despite all the problems the government remains determined to “make the economy grow.” The normal turnover of gifts “under the tree” in Italy normally exceeds five billion euros.

Government measures they will lengthen the hours of businesses and could lead to the beginning of the national curfew during the holidays to 23 or midnight, but the deployment of strong police contingents with the collaboration of the army is being studied to prevent shopping and Christmas festivities from taking place in the streets and squares. fatal crowds of people that will cause a new explosion of contagion.

What happened in the summer should not happen again, when the net decrease of the epidemic thanks to a rigid quarantine of 72 days, unleashed in June, July and August the mess in the places of the movement, with regions, such as Sardinia, that decided to reopen dance halls and other night spots, allow the massive presence of vacationers on the beaches, with dances and other excesses.

The result was that in September the curve of the epidemic began to rise dangerously, anticipating the second wave of the epidemic, announced for the autumn winter. In a single month the current hell broke out. Those infected were 978 at the end of September and more than 30 thousand per day at the end of October. They even reached more than 40 thousand.

The government has decided that the school holidays at the end of this month will be extended throughout december and conclude only after the feast of kings, on January 6. The measure has been met with many protests from the world of schools, but it is a contribution to slow down the millionaire movement of students, teachers and families during the end of the year.

The virulence of the new wave of the coronavirus is also measured by figures like this: in a month there have been 27 thousand infections of doctors and nurses in hospitals. Nine hundred died.

The pressure on the front lines of the battle against the virus, carried out by the hospital system, is terrible. Fifty emergency physicians and resuscitators from the San Carlo and San Paolo hospitals in Milan, at the center of the battle against the corona virus, which causes more than 8,000 daily infections in the Lombardy region, signed a declaration of protest because the saturation of the beds and, in particular, in the area of ​​intensive care, “they force us to make decisions that are neither ethically nor clinically tolerable”.

It returns to the dilemmas of the first wave in March and April, when the resuscitating doctors in intensive care had to decide which patients were put in intensive care and which were left outside, closer to death. A directive informed the doctors of these hospitals that they must choose “To the sick in better conditions to survive.”

It remains unclear what progress was made during these months in the supply of beds in the special systems to ensure the survival of patients, especially those tubes with oxygen due to the ferocious double pneumonia that the virus causes in many. Until Sunday, there were 3,800 interned in intensive care, already close to 4,068, which was the record for the first wave, on April 3. There are regions that have reserves of free special beds, but others do not.

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