Italy, between Berlusconi’s health and the first coronavirus infection in a school: a 2-year-old boy

“The measures taken here are strict but they have managed to alleviate the pandemic”

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Il Cavaliere improves, but Italians fear contagion in a garden, when the full school year begins on Monday.

Silvio Berlusconi, hospitalized for three days, at almost 84 years old in the San Raffaele hospital, infected by the coronavirus, it’s better and he is already planning when he will be able to return to Villa San Martino, his magnificent suburban residence in Milan.

His doctor, Professor Alberto Zangrillo, said that “today, Tuesday, we can confirm the observation of a clinical picture in constant favorable evolution. All the monitored clinical parameters are reassuring ”.

Also the three infected children of Berlusconi, Marina (54), Barbara (36) and Luigi (31), feel well and carry out compulsory isolation at home, controlled by doctors.

But the Italians are concentrating above all on the reopening of the schools. Some have started to work and there are already cases of contagion, but the big day will arrive on Monday the 14th, when 8.5 million of students from elementary schools, high schools and universities, return to classes after six months of quarantine. It will be a fundamental test of the country’s ability to resist the advance of the pandemic.

From morning to night on television the works are shown in thousands of educational institutes to respect the strict protocols presiding over the return to classrooms.

The need to maintain a meter distance between students has forced redesign classrooms and, in many cases to multiply them. The architecture of many schools has changed. A part of the three thousand school buildings out of use has been reconditioned.

Reigns a inevitable disorder, contrasted by the cyclopean work of school leaders. After many discussions, the obligation to use the masks was imposed, except when the student must intervene in class.

In all schools, marked routes have been created in the floors and in the walls. Forbidden spaces have also been marked, which practically reduce classrooms to the half in many cases.

In an arduous issue whose solution remains in the realm of hypotheses is collective transport, which must take and bring students and companions from schools, for which many schedules have been modified in order not to make them coincide with peak hours of the movement of people in cities.

The government established that the buses can operate up to 80% of their capacity. Or full, but with a time limit of fifteen minutes. The operation of public transport is one of the main uncertainties regarding what will happen from next Monday.

In anticipation of response to the demands made by so many parents and teachers, this Tuesday there was two kindergartens where sanitary problems were registered. One in Crema, province of Cremona, Piedmont and another in the autonomous province of Trento. His classmates were immediately sent home and subjected to medical checks.

In a so-called nursery school for children between six months and three years old at the “Bucaneve” school in Trento, the first case of contagion proven to coronavirus.

Is about a two-year-old “bimbo”. Coordinator Elisabetta Libardi said that the school respects all anti-Covid-19 measures, so it is difficult for the child to have contracted the virus on his second day. In the province of Trento, classes began on Monday because the cold alpine conditions force the dates to be brought forward in the extreme north of Italy.

The six children who share the class with the patient were declared in quarantine for the next fourteen days and the two teachers must also remain isolated while waiting for nasopharyngeal swabs to determine whether they are positive or not virus.

The themes of the school, very felt by Italians, also determined this Tuesday the first manifestation of disgruntled parents. It was in Rome at a school on Colli Portuensi avenue in the populous Monteverde neighborhood.

Parents protested in front of the school because they say the fiancees have not arrived single-use benches that avoid contact between two students. The government commissioned 2.5 million from a dozen companies, but building them will take at least another two to three months.


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