In Italy, a new round of restrictions came into force on Monday night aimed at curbing the re-emerging corona epidemic. Restaurants, bars, cinemas, gyms closed at 6pm local time on Monday night.

Many areas also have a night curfew.

Fuel bottles and tear gas

The restrictions reintroduced were too much for many Italians. Riots erupted in more than a dozen cities across the country, involving thousands of people.

In Turin, for example, police were thrown at the bottles. Luxury shops were looted in the city, the crowds emptied the Gucci movement, for example.

Police responded with tear gas.

Companies are afraid of bankruptcies

When Korona began to spread in the early part of the year, Italians took the limitations of their lives calmly and obeyed them.

But the new restrictions have not been a thing of the past.

Small businesses say they are still recovering from first-round closures and new restrictions threaten to plunge many into bankruptcy.