Italian lockdown: confinement during the pandemic according to Enrico Vanzina

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The comedy written and directed by Enrico Vanzina will make its debut in Italian cinemas on 15 October and will tell, in its own way, the months of the lockdown. In the cast Ezio Greggio, Paola Minaccioni, Martina Stella and Ricky Memphis.

It was inevitable (perhaps). And it’s about to arrive.
Let’s talk about the comedy Italian on pandemic and on the months of confinement, which is explicitly titled Lockdown all’italiana and was written and directed by Enrico Vanzina, on his debut in directing.
The film, which will be in Italian cinemas starting next October 15th, distributed by Medusa, tells the story of two couples now “blown up”, but forced to stay together, and locked up at home, due to the lockdown that actually took place in recent months. The protagonists of the film are Ezio Greggio, Paola Minaccioni, Martina Stella and Ricky Memphis, but in the cast there is also room for Maurizio Mattioli, Riccardo Rossi and Maria Luisa Jacobelli.
Below, the official Italian Lockdown poster:



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