Italian Grand Prix: Curious statistics

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Several interesting statistical selections following the Italian Grand Prix …


After winning qualifications at Monza, Lewis Hamilton took the sixth pole position of the season, seventh on the Italian track – and 94th in his career. This is the fastest pole position in the history of the World Championship – with an average speed of 264.362 km / h.

Valtteri Bottas qualified for the first time in the front row at Monza. For the first time since 2016, Mercedes has the entire first row of the Monza starting field.

Carlos Sainz qualified third, for McLaren this is the third qualification in third place of the season.

Sergio Perez has never started higher than fourth place. But in Monza he qualified fourth – for the eighth time in his career.

Max Verstappen qualified fifth, continuing the unsuccessful Red Bull Racing series – not once, after switching to hybrid turbo engines in 2014, did the drivers of this team start in the top five in Monza.

Qualifying sixth, Lando Norris extended his successful top-10 start streak to 15 races.

For the first time since 1984, no Ferrari driver made it to the top ten in qualifying at Monza.

Antonio Giovinazzi remains the only driver to have retired in the first part of qualification in all past Grand Prix.

Only in two teams after eight stages the crushing score 8: 0 in the intra-team confrontation. With a score of 8-0 in eight qualifications in Red Bull Racing, Max Verstappen is ahead of Alex Albon, and in Williams, George Russell dominates the fight against Nicholas Latifi. Last year, Russell beat Robert Kubica in the qualifiers 21-0.


Pierre Gasly won the Italian Grand Prix with his first career win. He became the 109th race winner in Formula 1 history. The 108th winner was Charles Leclair. Before the first victory, Pierre had 55 Grand Prix, Charles – 34.

Pierre Gasly’s victory was 80th for French riders and the first since the 1996 Monaco Grand Prix, when Olivier Panis won. The French are the fourth in the list of nations in terms of the number of victories.

Nation Grand Prix wins
1. Great Britain 293
2. Germany 179
3. Brazil 101
4. France 80
5. Finland 55

AlphaTauri’s first victory took place on the same track where in 2008 Sebastian Vettel won the only victory in the history of Toro Rosso – the same team with a different name.

Gasli’s victory coincided with the anniversary of Toro Rosso – AlphaTauri’s collaboration with Honda’s minders, the Monza race was their 50th.

Finishing second, Carlos Sainz achieved the best result in his career. Lando Norris finished fourth – for the first time since 2011 both McLaren drivers finished in the top four at Monza.

Finishing third, Lance Stroll took the podium for the second time in his career. His first podium was in Baku in 2017, when the race was last stopped with red flags. Stroll a Baku podium was the last in the history of the Williams family, his podium at Monza was the first in the history of Racing Point.

Pierre Gasly is the tenth driver in Formula 1 history to win a race from a 10th position.

For the first time since Hungary’12, there hasn’t been a single Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari on the podium.

Valtteri Bottas finished fifth, Lewis Hamilton seventh. For the first time since the switch to hybrid turbo engines in 2014, Mercedes drivers have not made it to the podium at Monza.

Finishing seventh, Lewis Hamilton earned points in the 221st Grand Prix of his career, repeating the record of Michael Schumacher. At the same time, Michael earned points in 72% of the Grand Prix held, and Lewis in 86%. Hamilton earned points in 41 consecutive races, extending his own record streak.

For the first time since 1995, both Ferrari drivers did not finish at Monza.



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