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Maintaining indoor plants is not that easy: Plants have individual needs, which is why they cannot all be cared for equally. Therefore, you should consider certain criteria for every houseplant. GALA summarizes the most important points for you.

Whether ficus, dragon tree or orchid – indoor plants beautify our home and make it cozy. They decorate bare corners with their natural beauty. But caring for indoor plants can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have a particularly green thumb. GALA gives you helpful tips so that you do not make the most common care mistakes and you can enjoy your indoor plants for a long time.

Caring for indoor plants: six tips

Indoor plants have special and, depending on their origin, very different needs. But when you know what to look for, plant care is no longer rocket science. If you are going to get beautiful house plants, you should heed the following tips: Book API Tracdelight

1. The right pot

Caring for indoor plants begins with choosing the right pot.

When it comes to caring for indoor plants, the right flower pot is the most important thing. Nowadays they come in a huge number of variants – so the decision can be difficult. The most important thing is that you get one Choose a pot that is big enough: If the nursery pot has a diameter of 20 cm, then the new pot should have a diameter of about 25 cm when repotting. After all, you want to provide your plant with new soil! Not to mention the fact that the plant needs space to develop.

Also make sure that the plant potwhich can be made of clay or plastic, a hole respectively Holes on the bottom Has. That is an important feature to To prevent waterlogging. You can then place the flower pot on one matching coasters that catches excess water. If, for aesthetic reasons, you don’t want an extra Planter want to forego, then lay down several small stones or gravel and place the flower pot on top. However, this makes dumping the excess water more cumbersome. Ikea API Tracdelight flowerpot

2. Repot

Caring for indoor plants: mother and daughter repot plants.
Care for indoor plants by repotting them in good time.

It is also important to repot indoor plants. After a while, the plant has grown and put down numerous new roots – it so needs more space. When the roots come through the drainage hole, it’s time for a new pot. The new pot should be bigger than the previous one. Repotting is also good for your plant because it new earth and thereby new nutrients that it needs to grow. Earth API Tracdelight

Smaller plants should Repot every two years and larger ones roughly every four years. In addition, the older the plant, the less often it has to be repotted because it is no longer growing as fast. One ideal time for repotting is the Beginning of spring, because then the growth phase of the plants begins.

3. The right substrate

Caring for indoor plants: hands present potting soil.
The right substrate is extremely important when caring for indoor plants.

You also care for indoor plants with the right substrate. Because the potting soil plays an important role when it comes to the survival of your plant. With the right substrate will provide your houseplant with nutrients, oxygen and moisture. Since different plants have different requirements, there is not one soil that suits every houseplant. The wrong soil can cause waterlogging and root rot cause.

Succulents and cacti, for example, prefer loose ones earth with sand, while orchids feel most comfortable in a substrate made of pine bark. In general, make sure that you peat-free soil because peat acidifies the earth and hardly stores any water. It is best to find out about your plant in order to choose the right potting soil – by the way, there are many indoor plants Special earthwhich makes the choice easier. Earth Compo API Amazon

4. The right location

Maintaining indoor plants: bow hemp is on a chest of drawers.
When caring for indoor plants, make sure they are in a suitable location.

Some like it bright, some like it shady – comply with your plant’s wishes. The wrong location – For example, many plants do not tolerate blazing sun – can be fatal to your plants. A place at the always sunny south window is only suitable for desert plants such as the yucca palm. One must not forget that the window pane multiplies the heat of the sun’s rays – this brings most house plants to their knees.

Placing plants on a heater is equally unfavorable as it will dry them out. If you are a very bright apartment then we recommend purchasing one Dragon tree or one Monstera. If your apartment is rather dark, so Penumbra offers, you can with a Bow hemp or single leaf don’t do much wrong. Always pay attention to the instructions that are usually enclosed with the houseplants: Monstera Blume2000 API Amazon

5. Water properly

Maintaining houseplants: woman watering houseplant.
Proper watering plays an important role in caring for indoor plants.

The most common mistake when caring for indoor plants? Pour too much! Most houseplants react sensitive to waterlogging and go in. If you have a Pot with drainage holes you are already on the safe side. But it definitely applies Check coasters after watering and pour it out if excess water has collected.

To make sure that a water supply is needed again, you can use the Rapid test make: plug one Fingers about an inch deep and check to see if they are dry is. If so, you can water the plant. The quick test is particularly advisable for plants that do not need to be watered as often: the gardens of the stars

Succulents store water in their leaves and only need something new when the earth is dry. Before buying your houseplants, find out about their water needs. Cacti that can easily survive longer periods of drought are a good choice, for example for people who often forget to water or are rarely at home. Watering balls API Tracdelight

Tip: Tropical plants like the monstera or the single leaf like high humidity, so you should get theirs Spray the leaves with water every now and then and get rid of dust.

6. Fertilizing

Caring for indoor plants: woman uses liquid fertilizer for her plants.
You care for indoor plants by providing them with fertilizer.

Fertilizing is often forgotten when caring for indoor plants, but it is important. The substrate you use when planting only provides your plant with nutrients for a limited amount of time. You should therefore ensure that there are supplies. The Frequency of fertilization depends on the type of plant. Usually need fast growing plants more often nutrientsbecause they use them up faster.

You should your plants fertilize between March and Octoberas this is the growing season for indoor plants. If you Liquid fertilizer you should use your fast growing plants in about every two weeks supply with it – you can combine that with casting. Alternatively, you can also use fertilizer sticks. The advantage: Fertilizer sticks only need to be used two to three times a year. Similar to the substrate there is also for various plants special fertilizer. Fertilizer API Tracdelight

By the way, games for outside help against boredom in the garden. Or do you still need inspiration for modern garden design? Here you can find out everything about the topic.

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