It will be possible to install HarmonyOS on Huawei smartphones with EMUI 11

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Yesterday Huawei led its Developers Conference 2020 with two clear protagonists of the event: HarmonyOS 2.0 and EMUI 11. The novelty of both softwares are their new capabilities for mobile devices, mainly smartphones, but today a representative of Huawei reveals the compatibility of HarmonyOS with EMUI 11.

That means that those devices that have the latest version of the Android skin customized by Huawei installed will be able to make the transition, eventually, to the new mobile operating system of the Chinese manufacturer. Of course, they will have to wait for HarmonyOS 2.0 to be officially available.

HarmonyOS 2.0 will first be available for mid-range smartphones

In communication with the site Android Authority a Huawei representative stated the following: “Yes, devices running the new EMUI 11 technology will be able to opt for an upgrade to Harmony OS in the future.” But that was all they said about it, so we have many questions to answer.

In the first instance, we wonder if it will be all EMUI 11 compatible devices that will be able to download version 2.0 of HarmonyOS or if there will be a list of specific smartphones that meet the necessary requirements for a successful transition.

The second question is whether the installation of HarmonyOS on EMUI 11, a skin running on the basis of Google’s mobile operating system, Android, will be distributed OTA (over-the-air) by Huawei itself or if we will have to perform the manual download of this software.

At the same time, we expect guarantees on the installation; after all, installing a new operating system and all that it means (erasing all of our information) is a sensitive process.

Huawei reveals the compatibility of HarmonyOS with devices running EMUI 11, where a distribution schedule for the new OS is also revealed. By April 2021, all those mid-range smartphones with up to 4GB of RAM will be able to make the transition first. The other devices will have to wait until October of next year.

Via: Android Authority



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