“It was lutri, not Foma-1!”

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The Turkish Grand Prix has returned to the redesigned 2020 race calendar due to the coronavirus epidemic, but as the Istanbul Park track has been virtually non-existent for racing for the past 8-9 years, urgent renovations were needed, including re-paving the track.

The brand new, moreover, unusually smooth asphalt already proved to be an “ice rink” during free practice, and the rain on Saturday and Sunday made things even more difficult for the riders. The spectators enjoyed the excitement caused by the unusual circumstances, while the competitors – some of them – much less.

“The times varied by 2-3 seconds per lap depending on whether the tires were able to work. Incredible! This weekend was not worthy of Formula One. I’m sure it looked good, sitting on the couch I would have enjoyed it too, but it was a ready-made lutri on the field for all of us. I like to drive in wet conditions, but it was a different level, ”Williams driver George Russell complained to Autosport, who went to the wall in the pit lane at the end of the lead-up lap before the start.

“I think everyone came here excitedly, but there was no grip from the first lap of the first workout. There is no question that the main factor was re-asphalting. I heard it had to be done at the last minute and the organizers did a good job of getting it done on time because the bad weather also hindered them. ”

“But it was like we were driving on mirror ice, sometimes when I slipped off the track, out on the concrete, there was a lot more grip. The concrete strip on the pit lane, which is usually incredibly slippery, is now much more gripped than a real racetrack. I don’t think there were any pilots who enjoyed these conditions. ”

“If someone wanted to see chaos, they would watch the pilots make a fool of themselves, there are other categories, other sports out there, look at it. Formula 1 is about the best riders, the best cars, the best teams fighting on the best tracks, showing what they can do. This weekend was not like that. Sitting on the couch, I certainly would have liked it too, but I am convinced that there is some middle ground, F1 can draw lessons from this, so as not to be lutrying on weekends, ”the Englishman explained.

Source: Autosport.com

Image source (s): Getty Images



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