One of the topics that has given the most to talk about in the new generation is that of storage, because while the current generation already has versions with 1TB of storage, many users expected that the new generation would make the leap to 2 or more TB of internal storage as a base, however, it was not. In fact, the PS5 isn’t advertised as a console with 1TB of storage, but with 825GB of storage, and the Xbox Series S with only 512GB of storage. Will this be enough?

With games promising native 4K at 60fps, Ray Tracing, and much more, it stands to reason that the size of the games is larger as well, which is why many users are concerned about the size of the games. The surprise has come when IGN has revealed that the storage space of the Xbox Series X is 1TB, however, that is not the amount of free storage for the user, since that Terabyte must be subtracted from the installation space of the operating system and system files, for what in the end users will only have available 802 GB free to install games and applications.

This is very similar to the free space that comes with the Xbox One X, which also took up 198 GB of storage space for the operating system and system files.

Regarding the Segate expansion card that has caused so much controversy because its price is similar to that of an Xbox Series S, IGN mentions that it comes with 920 GB free for the user.

How much free space will there be in the S Series?

For now it is a mystery to know exactly how much free space is inside the Xbox Series S, however, Xbox has revealed that the games for the Series S will occupy 30% less compared to the Series X due to the fact that they will not run at Native 4K.

The advantage that Xbox Series X and Series S users will have is that the hard drives and SSDs that are connected through the USB 3.0 port that they already use in their Xbox One will be compatible with the new generation, it has even been confirmed that the Quick function Resume will be available even though the games are installed on the external HDD.

It remains to be seen if the storage of the PS5 is 825 GB free for the user, or if the space used by the operating system must also be subtracted.