It could also reach Romania: the restrictions imposed in France show you what it means to take the pandemic seriously

Together with Spain, France has become the worst outbreak of coronavirus in Europe, and President Emmanuel Macron has imposed more and more restrictions.

France has reported about 2.15 million cases of coronavirus to date, with up to 28,000 new cases detected in a single day and an average of over 500 deaths daily.

However, the French president partially succumbed to pressure from the public sphere and decided to relax the restrictions defined a few weeks ago. Even so, the measures are much more aggressive than the ones that Romanians complain about. With a little luck, the general quarantine dictated in France could stop after December 15, so that people can spend their holidays with their families.

“A new stage will begin on November 28. But the following things will not change: the adapted quarantine and the travel attestation system will remain in place, we will have to continue working from home and give up unnecessary travel. Relaxation trips and physical activities will be allowed within a radius of 20 kilometers around the home and for a period of three hours; extracurricular activities will be allowed in the open air, and the shops and services at home will be open until 21.00 “, said Emmanuel Macron in a televised speech, according to the daily Le Figaro, quotes Mediafax.

“Another stage will begin on December 15, if we reach a level below 5,000 infections a day. In this case, the general quarantine could end, we will be able to travel without a certificate between the regions and we will be able to spend Christmas with relatives “, the French president explained, emphasizing that, after December 15, travel restrictions will remain between 21.00-7.00, except for the evenings of December 24 and December 31. “We will be able to move freely on the evenings of December 24 and 31, but public meetings will not be allowed,” said Emmanuel Macron.

As for the restaurants, although many hoped that they would open in France from December 1, the president said that only after January 20, 2021 are there chances for people to step back into a restaurant or a gym. .

Like other state leaders, Emmanuel Macron insisted that vaccination against the new coronavirus will not be mandatory. We will get a sufficient number of vaccine doses. The European Union has contracts with producers and we will try to produce as many doses as possible in Europe. I will not make vaccination mandatory “, Macron underlined.


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