Daniel Ricciardo restored Renault’s colors to the podium after a long break at the Eifel GP in Germany. Ricciardo navigated the stage-rich race and safety car situations to the maximum and rose to the third podium.

It meant solving a bet. Ricciardo and team manager Cyril Abiteboul agreed to take on similar tattoos if the Aussie driver takes the podium spot during his Renault career. Ricciardo will move to McLaren as a driver after this season.

– I believe he will choose the location and size of the tattoo, but I will finish the picture, Ricciardo told Motorspor.com in August.

– She doesn’t have a tattoo before, so this is a big deal for Cyril. I think the picture has to be something spontaneous, born of a moment’s whim. It has to be something fun. When he looks at it, he has to shake his head and think, “Ah, I remember those times.”

Ricciardo confirmed his intentions immediately after the race in an interview.

– It’s true, and it’s going to happen! Need to think a little (picture). Probably something related to me, but maybe with an additional German spice. Here we achieved it, so a little tribute, something traditional German included.

Third place in the Eifel GP is Ricciardo’s first podium finish after the 2018 season. At the time, he won in Monaco under Red Bull. There are now a total of 30 prize investments.

The man’s reaction at the Nürburgring after the checkered flag was joyful.

– Is that a hell of a podium? Ricciardo shouted team radio.

– This feels like my first podium finish. It’s been so long. We’ve all been waiting for this for so long, Ricciardo said at the interview point.

Lewis Hamilton won the competition and rose Michael Schumacherin alongside all-time profit statistics. Ricciardo’s former teammate Max Verstappen was second. Pile driver Valtteri Bottas interrupted after a power outage at Mercedes.