Israel to build 2,000 new illegal homes in East Jerusalem

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Netanyahu rush the last days of Trump in the power. The Israel Lands Administration has announced the construction of 1,257 homes new in a East Jerusalem settlement. Illegal According to international law, this gesture affects a sensitive area of ​​the occupied city and would cause the isolation of two Palestinian neighborhoods. Several international organizations, such as the European Union and the United Nations, have denounced this urban expansion, whose tender to contractors to start building ends two days before Biden takes office of the position.

“The government that was established to address the coronavirus crisis is taking advantage of twilight days of the Trump administration to create facts on the spot& rdquor;, said the Israeli organization ‘Peace Now‘, charged with monitoring the construction of new settlements in the occupied territories. Plans to build more than 1,200 rooms in the neighborhood of Givat Hamatos in jerusalem busy were written years ago, but the opposition from the international community froze the project. Faced with the outgoing US president’s favorable colony-building policy, Netanyahu retaken it in February.

Until the January 18th have contractors to tender in this occupied area that would isolate the Palestinian city from Beit Safafa from nearby towns. Two days later, the new president of the United States will be sworn in. “We believe that Israel will attempt to exploit this time to advance movements that the incoming administration would potentially object& rdquor ;, has declared the Israeli organization ‘Go amir‘. According to one of his field workers, they have already started archaeological work in the area to prepare the ground for construction.

Thus 2020 is consecrated as the most prolific year in the construction of illegal colonies. Nail 12,150 new homes had been approved in October, greater number since Peace Now began monitoring in 2012. The close friendship between Trump and Netanyahu is what has allowed the latter to develop these illegal plans according to international law. “Israel is trying to benefit from unlimited support of the current US administration & rdquor ;, has denounced Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as well as Israeli efforts “to end the settlement of two states internationally backed & rdquor ;.

Against the settlements

Between the three million Palestinians that live in West bank, they inhabit almost 500,000 settlers in addition to the 220,000 that occupy East Jerusalem. During his tenure as vice president in the Obama administration, Biden publicly scolded Israel in the 2010 for a construction project of 1,600 homes in the Ramat Shlomo colony, announced during his visit to the country.

Netanyahu he fears that with the departure of “best friend Israel has ever had at the White House & rdquor; your immunity and your successes in the international arena end. Biden plans to resume American politics contrary to settlements, in line with the international community.

Controversial Pompeo

But as long as Trump remains in power, the diplomatic winks between both countries. Like this week. The announcement of the imminent visit of the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, an illegal settlement has set off alarms. It would be about first American official of such a high level to set foot in an Israeli colony, breaking with a historical policy that all administrations have respected.

Pompeo wants to toast with him wine made in Psagot that bears his name. This winery began marketing it last year when the Secretary of State announced that Washington ya no ve Israeli settlements in occupied areas after the 1967 war as “incompatible with international law & rdquor ;.

Between Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Behind the 1967 Six Day War, Israel occupied the West Bank and annexed East Jerusalem in a unrecognized gesture by the international community. “This is a key place between Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank & rdquor ;, insisted the head of foreign policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, in reference to the area where the new homes are planned. “Any construction of settlements will seriously damage the prospects for a Viable and contiguous Palestinian state& rdquor ;, has denounced.

From the UN, the special coordinator for the Peace Process in the Middle East, Nickolay E. Mladenov, has shown concern. “The construction of settlements is illegal according to international law and i demand to the authorities to reverse this project & rdquor ;, has concluded. Corner and suffocated, the Palestinian community witnesses the dispossession of their lands. More of 70 years after your Nakba, the exodus catastrophe of this people, the hopes for a State of their own are exhausted.



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