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Israel lose control of coronavirus. After decreeing a second confinement last Friday, the Hebrew State observes how the contagion figures continue to rise until reaching the 6.861 this Tuesday in a country of nine million inhabitants. The government of Netanyahu has met this Wednesday to tackle the situation with tougher measures such as the closure of synagogues and non-essential businesses or restrictions on demonstrations. Thousands of people fed up with Bibi’s management gathered this Saturday at the doors of his residence demanding his resignation.

After exceeding 200,000 cases of coronavirus and a thousand deaths with 1,316 victims, Israel has become one of the countries in the world with the highest morbidity. Currently, it has 54,324 active cases. While some hospitals have reached the limit of their capacity, the authorities have begun plans for the establishment of a military field hospital to cover the high numbers of those affected.

The high amounts of infections coincide with a increase in tests performed, specifically about 60,000 during the day on Tuesday. One in four members of the ultra-orthodox community, known for its insubordination During this pandemic, it has tested positive for coronavirus, compared to the 11% national average. Along with greater monitoring of the virus, the Netanyahu government is considering a possible national emergency declaration that allows to harden the confinement leaving the economic and industrial operation in the essential minimum.

Jewish New Year at home

Faced with a second flexible confinement, the new measures would imply the closure of synagogues and non-essential businesses, the limitation of prayer in common indoors and outdoors, the meeting restriction up to five people maximum and even the airport closure Ben Gurion International. Meanwhile, citizens celebrate in exceptional conditions the main Jewish holidays of the year, such as the New Year (Rosh Hashanah, from September 18 to 20), the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur, from 27 to 28) and the Tabernacles (Sukkot, from the October 2-9).

Israeli citizens regret the deplorable economic situation which Israel faces, with 20% unemployment and 110,000 new unemployed since last week. In a gesture of solidarity, the deputies, the ministers and the prime minister have agreed to reduce your salary by 10%. “I have asked the government to apply the freeze and the reduction of the quota to my salary as well,” the president of Israel tweeted this Tuesday, Reuven Rivlin.

Despite its successes in the international arena, the disastrous management of the pandemic has made the trust in Netanyahu fall to the 27% after having peaked in April at 58%, according to the Israel Democracy Institute. The prime minister has stated that in light of the rapid spread of the virus, he would pursue a “comprehensive general shutdown and significant tightening of restrictions immediately. Members of the Blue and White coalition, his current government partner, have criticized his “obsession“with more restrictive measures to attribute the protests who have been demanding his resignation for four months.

“I fight for public health”

“Today 31 people have died from coronavirus; I fight for the life of the people of Israel, I fight for public health, “Netanyahu’s office responded this Wednesday.” At the same time, there are those who are dedicated to petty politics. We are in war. Awake! “, He concluded in a statement. Criticism also comes from the ultra-orthodox community who denounce the freedom of the protesters to concentrate in the thousands while their prayers are limited during the Jewish holidays.

“Educational institutions will be closed, the economy will be limited to essential work, synagogues will not have prayers indoors, with arrangements for outdoor prayer, and demonstrations will be allowed without protesters traveling between cities,” the deputy minister said. of health, Yoav Kisch, to Channel 12 TV. “All will manifest wherever they want, they will pray where they want and they will stay at home; that’s what is required now “, Kisch concluded.



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