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The Israel Police have detained about 17 members of the ultra-orthodox Jewish community in the Bnei Brak neighborhood, in Tel Aviv, after refusing to comply with the measures that the Government has decreed to try to stop the new coronavirus pandemic, which has already left 266,775 accumulated cases and 1,719 deaths in the country.

The violent clashes have occurred when the Police have tried to dissolve hundreds of people gathered in a synagogue. He police device of the agents have been responded by some of them with the throwing of stones, without any injuries being reported.

They criticize Netanyahu

For his part, the Mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron Huldai, has denounced that “the Prime Minister’s Government, Benjamin netanyahu, is turning the Police into a political tool “,

Huldai told Channel 12 of Israeli television that Netanyahu is using measures to stop the advance of the pandemic to “crush” the demonstrations, referring to the protests on Saturday.

Thousands of people took to the streets this Saturday in some cities of Israel to protest against the Netanyahu government and the limitation to public protests approved by the prime minister as part of the measures imposed to deal with the pandemic, as a result of the drastic rebound in coronavirus cases in recent weeks.

Strict measures

Among the new measures approved by the Israeli Executive, are those to limit concentrations to a maximum of 20 people, as well as the movement restriction of the protesters, who will not be able to attend the protests that are beyond a kilometer from their homes.

“The demonstrations in Tel Aviv have been peaceful from the beginning, and the majority maintained the social distancing and he wore masks, “but” suddenly, someone gave an order, I saw it, for the undercover policemen in the crowd to start dragging people away, “Huldai said.

About 40 people, most of them in Tel Aviv, were arrested during protests on Saturday, the day of the week that since June has congregated thousands of people in the streets of Israel, although mainly in the vicinity of Netanyahu’s residence, to demand their resignation until they prove their innocence in the corruption trial he has faced since May.



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