Israel limits the right to demonstrate

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Netanyahu another one is noted victoria, this time in domestic politics. The Israeli Parliament has approved the Prime Minister’s proposal to limit protests during the lockdown. Under this new restrictive measure, protesters cannot travel to more than a kilometer from their homes and may protest in groups with a maximum of 20 participants. The decision is accompanied by much controversy for being seen as a trick of the president to ban opinions contrary to his management of the pandemic. Several experts have warned of risk what does it mean for the freedom of expression and democratic society.

It has not been until four thirty in the morning when the outcome of the debate in the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, became known. With 46 votes in favor and 38 against, the protesters who had been protesting all night outside the institution in Jerusalem have lamented the application of a law that prohibited them precisely what they wear four months doing. The legislation gives the Government powers to declare a “special emergency caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “After declaring a second lockdown on September 18, Israel has 234,060 infected and 1,516 deaths from covid-19.

“A government seeking a unbridled power, like the Israeli Government, could use an emergency situation to undermine the basis of the rights on which democracy is based and from which it derives its vitality “, has confirmed the analyst Mordechai Kremnitzer in ‘Haaretz’. Some members of the Blue and White coalition, who support Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud, have broken with party discipline and they have voted against the proposal. “What’s the next step? Ban the opposition leader from addressing Parliament?” Yair Lapid, who heads the opposition in the legislature.

Rejection of democracy

Criticism against a “government that has rejected democracy”, according to Kremnitzer, has come from different fronts. “They are denying us the right to protest for political reasons, not for health reasons and it is incredible; a frustration that goes beyond words“Efrat Ben Barak, 40, said at the gates of the Knesset where they were three protesters arrested. There is a general feeling of orphanhood, since until now the restrictive proposals of freedom only came from the conservative Bibi government but with this new setback, they feel abandoned by their representatives in parliament.

When the number of infections reached 7,000 a day, the Israeli Executive decided to decree a new confinement in the middle of the month of important Jewish holidays. The new situation unleashed secular middle class opposition, who has been on the streets for four months demanding the resignation of Netanyahu for his cases of corruption and his appalling management of the pandemic. They allege that the Black Lives Matter demonstrations in the United States have shown that it is not usually in these protest concentrations where there is a greater number of infections due to being outdoors.

Ultra-Orthodox disobedience

“The right to protest and demonstrate becomes even more important at that time, because it defends all other rights,” Kremnitzer has claimed in ‘Haaretz’, “this importance increases when the executive branch is headed by a alleged offender, with a gang of enthralled & NegativeMediumSpace; & NegativeMediumSpace; supporters by his side who are determined to avoid his trial, even if it means destroy the rule of law of the country“The analyst of German origin has insisted on the importance of the right to protest as a” cornerstone of democracy “, especially” during an existential crisis (for the regime), health and economic “.

In turn, by imposing a new confinement the ultra-orthodox community he expressed his discontent. Although her subversion to coronavirus precautions has made her one of the most problematic foci of the pandemicbut the main one, Bibi cannot endanger her political alliance with them. In certain age groups, this demographic represents the 40% of those infected, despite being 12% of the population. A eroded and dismantled healthcare system For years of budget and personnel cuts it goes hand in hand with this political idyll, since since Netanyahu came to power in 2009 he has entrusted the health portfolio to the parties of the ultra-Orthodox coalition.



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