Israel begins de-escalation with less than 2,000 infections a day

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Israel starts his second de-escalation. After four weeks of severe confinement, the Israeli population witnesses the opening of day care centers, shops without customer service and take away services. Several municipalities, the majority ultra-Orthodox, they must wait until Wednesday to undertake the lack of refinement due to its high morbidity rates. His constant subversion The restrictions imposed by the Israeli government have caused controversy.

Israeli citizens begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel of their homes with the reopening of beaches and natural parks, and the lifting the limits of movement one kilometer from their residences. Also they sacred temples they reopen for prayer at a specific time. “This time, we will exit the close with caution, in accordance with the plan established by the experts of the Ministry of Health, “said the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu.

It is expected that the total reopening the country took several months. This controversial confinement has facilitated 70% reduction in infections by coronavirus with less than 2,000 new cases daily. In a country of just over nine million inhabitants, the pandemic has affected some 300,000 Israelis and caused 2,202 deaths. There are currently 33,488 active cases, most of them among the ultra-orthodox community who is reluctant to abide by restrictions. In recent weeks, he has staged mass funerals and violent clashes with the police.

Revolution Against Netanyahu

One of the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox community, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, 92 years old, has ordered the schools reopening of primary school defying the guidelines of the Ministry of Health. Kanievsky has given positive for coronavirus after violating the restrictions during the Yom Kippur celebration. “I ask the haredi community not to violate the rules,” Netanyahu asked this Saturday, “the Torah sanctify life, and [hacer] this is life-threatening. “

Shouting “revolution”, thousands of protesters have gathered this Saturday at the gates of the prime minister’s residence demanding his resignation. For four months, hundreds of Israelis congregate to denounce their lousy pandemic management and its involvement in various cases of corruption. The Government’s attempts to limit the right to demonstrate during confinement have not stopped this movement, which this weekend has brought together 26,000 people in all the country.

The figures of unemployment have increased a 25% in recent months, throwing the country a worrying economic crisis. Many of those who protest every week in front of the president’s residence in Jerusalem son owners of business, entrepreneurs or people who have lost their jobs during this devastating pandemic.



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