Israel began to celebrate a different Yom Kippur, marked by quarantine and confinement

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Due to the pandemic, it is less exceptional and closely resembles the reality that already exists in the country, which is experiencing a second confinement to try to stop the second wave of the pandemic.

The Israeli Jews began this afternoon the holiday of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), the holiest of the Hebrew calendar and characterized by almost total interruption of activities, which further accentuates the limitations caused by the new confinement by COVID-19.

Year after year, during this day Israel witnesses an almost total closure: shops are closed, the streets are emptied of cars and flights are interrupted.

The Yom Kippur coronavirus version, however, it is less exceptional and it is quite similar to the reality that already exists in the country, which is experiencing a second confinement to try to stop the second wave of the pandemic.

The closing of non-essential businesses will be joined this day by the rest of the businesses, including supermarkets; the interruption of radio and television broadcasts and the closure of the airport, something that could be implemented permanently in the coming days as part of the fight against the pandemic.

This year, in addition, the faithful they will not be massively moved to synagogues, which can only receive small groups and must respect the rules of social distancing.

After Yom Kippur, they will close again and it is only possible to pray in open spaces near the home and with a maximum of twenty people.

Part of the population performs during this holiday a twenty-five hour fast, while many tend to take advantage of the empty streets and highways to ride a bicycle or rollerblades, something that this time they will be able to do within a one-kilometer radius of their homes through which they can move during confinement.

On the occasion of this Day of Forgiveness, a date to ask forgiveness for sins and feel repentance, the national coordinator of the pandemic, Roni Gamzu, wrote a message to the population on the social network Facebook in which apologized for managing the crisis and specifically for not having been able to avoid the current confinement.

In addition, he apologized to those whose income was affected by the current situation already who cannot celebrate the holidays with your family or loved ones because of the restrictions.

According to official figures, which were not updated due to Yom Kippur, Israel, with about nine million inhabitants, has registered almost 230,000 cases of coronavirus, of which almost 70,000 are still active, including 749 patients in serious condition.

In recent days, new maximums of infections were recorded practically daily, exceeding 8,000 in 24 hours for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

The current lockdown has been in effect for only ten days and, although it is scheduled to end on October 10, it could be extended if the situation does not improve.

Source: EFE



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