Isabell Horn comments on criticism of her son’s name

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The GZSZ news of the day at a glance: Isabell Horn comments on her fans’ criticism of the name of her son +++ Spoiler! It crackles again between Lilly and Nihat +++ Anne Menden shows her dad +++ Valentina Pahde has a new hairstyle.

“Good times, bad times” (GZSZ): data and facts

  • The first episode of “Good Times, Bad Times” (GZSZ) was broadcast on May 11, 1992.
  • Filming for GZSZ began on March 16, 1992, initially in the Berlin Union Film Studios in Berlin-Tempelhof. In 1995 the GZSZ crew moved to Potsdam, where they have been filming in Babelsberg ever since.
  • In the Babelsberg studio – the oldest film studio in the world – over 5500 broadcast GZSZ episodes have been produced to date.
  • The episodes are always produced seven weeks in advance.
  • “Good times, bad times” runs Monday to Friday at 7.40 p.m. on RTL.

GZSZ: All the news about the successful series

8th October

Isabell Horn: That’s what she says about criticism of her son Fritz’s name

Isabell Horn, 36, had to take a lot of criticism for choosing a name for her baby. Last year the former “GZSZ” actress became the mother of little Fritz, one. The name didn’t just seem to meet with enthusiasm among her fans. And so there were numerous nasty comments that the name was “out of fashion” or even “embarrassing”.

The actress, who already has three-year-old daughter Ella, seems to be taking it easy. “For us as a family this is the perfect name. I hope my son is happy with it when he’s older. If not, you can rename yourself. Then he’ll get a different name,” Isabell explains casually to “Bunte .de “. He says: “I think, of course, everyone is allowed to express their opinion. But the question is always how I deal with it myself now. Does that hurt me? But I’ve learned that by now, and I tend to laugh at it. It’s mine Child.”

October 7th

Nihat + Lilly: is there a second night of love?

A few months ago Nihat (Timur Ülker) and Lilly (Iris Mareike Steen) spent a hot night together, but after that everything got pretty complicated pretty quickly: Nihat is the best friend of Lilly’s ex-boyfriend Tuner (Thomas Drechsel), who after the spicy confession of the two was pretty pissed off.

In the meantime the waves have smoothed out again – but the attraction between Nihat and Lilly does not seem to have faded away, like a exclusive video from as well as some thumbnails show: After an evening together with friends and some alcohol, there is a huge crackling between the two. How far will the two actually go? GZSZ fans will get the answer in the coming days.

October 6th

Anne Menden shows her dad on Instagram

Anne Menden celebrated her 35th birthday yesterday, Monday, October 5th, 2020. The “Emily” actress received tons of congratulations not only from the entire “GZSZ” cast, but also from her fans – and Menden thanked them with a sugary post on Instagram.

In her most recent post, the actress beams into the camera alongside an older man. The caption explains: “Thanks to all the lovely congratulations. You put a mega smile on my face. I am still enjoying the rest of the day with my dad and one or the other chaotic …. feel depressed,” writes Menden taking the selfie.

The fans are enthusiastic about the father-daughter snapshot and comment in large numbers: “Dad’s face. Happy Birthday kleene”, “It’s amazing how similar you look” and “You look like your dad’s face.” , reads, among other things, in the comments. We wish you all the best for your birthday!

5th October

Valentina Pahde delights with her new hairstyle

Wow, this type change is impressive! Just in time for the start of their new series “SUNNY – Who are you really?” Valentina Pahde, 26, opts for a new style and brings a fresh nuance into play. “I’m a bit darker now, but of course I’m still a passionate blonde”, explains the GZSZ actress to her fans. And they are really excited about the new look. “Your new hair color looks great on you,” writes a follower on Instagram. “One of the most beautiful women in the world,” flatters another fan.

If you want to convince yourself of Valentina’s “new me”: The first episodes of “SUNNY – Who are you really?” are already available on TV Now.

GZSZ news from last week

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