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Isabell Herlovsen (32) is a top-level football player. She reports this herself on Instagram.

– An era is over and now a new chapter in life begins. What it will be is still uncertain, but I look positively at what is coming and take everything as a challenge, she writes in the post on Instagram.

The 32-year-old is the highest scorer on the Norwegian national team of all time with 67 goals in 133 matches.

She writes that it is with a lump in her stomach, a heart beating faster than normal and a tear in the corner of her eye she announces the news.

– For 17 years, football has been the most important thing in my life. Together with my family who have always been there for me, she writes, and describes a career with ups, downs, cries, disappointment and joy.

– The biggest thing was the feeling of putting on the national team uniform time and time again, she thinks.

Last year, she ended up – after much trial and error – on loan in Kolbotn after she smoked cloudy and ended up in a bitter conflict with the former Vålerenga coach Monica Knudsen.

In mid-January she was

. Herlovsen was later reported sick and has not played football this season.

– The last two years I have gained a completely different perspective on life. After Henrik was born, football has no longer been the most important thing, she reports on Instagram.

– I have felt a lot of motivation, especially in the last year. I have not had the same enthusiasm and spark over having to spend so many countless hours on travel, driving, training, writes the 32-year-old, who has replaced most of the club goals their for LSK Women.

She has also played for Kolbotn, Lyon, Jiangsu Suning and Vålerenga.

VG updates the case.


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