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26. November

Laura Müller is working together with Adeline Norberg – but where is Michael Wendler?

Laura Müller, 20, addressed her fans in a story on Instagram yesterday with a love message. Her husband Michael Wendler, 48, received nothing. The couple celebrated their love publicly for a long time. A popular location: Instagram. But one looks in vain for proof of love. The last couple photo that can be found on Laura Müller’s Instagram account is over two months old and comes from the DSDS time together. No mention of the pop star in the feed or in the stories – is there a crisis between the former dream couple?

What stands out: The influencer seems to be flourishing again after days of silence on the popular social media platform. After the love message, a few stories later it will be Christmassy. First, Laura posts smokers in Santa Claus style and shows the Christmas film “The Miracle of Manhattan” on TV. Apparently, Laura was not alone, in her stories there is also a link to Adeline Norberg, 18, for whom she had just served a Christmas dinner .

Michael Wendler’s daughter also refers to Laura Müller in her latest story. Apparently the girls are browsing together in a Christmas shop. Then Laura conjures up a dish for her friend. There is no trace of Michael Wendler on Instagram. Does Laura Müller need a distraction from the stresses and strains of the past few months? The influencer has always had a special relationship with Adeline Norberg. Maybe the young women just wanted to be among themselves.

25. November

Laura Müller: Your sign of life is a declaration of love

Laura Müller, 20, like her husband Michael Wendler, 48, is currently more than ever under surveillance by the media. While the pop singer is really blossoming on Instagram, the young woman has become suspiciously quiet. Her last post on her Instagram feed is from September 26th. In the photo that was taken during the DSDS filming in Germany, she looks at her husband in love. Since then there has been no radio silence on her social media account. The Insta stories typical of the influencer have also become a rarity. But now the 20-year-old has taken heart and resumed her activities on the popular social media platform.

Although she is covered with a statement regarding her husband’s crude theories, she is more open in dealing with her community. The young woman turns to her fans with a message of love. “I really have to say, I have the greatest community, the greatest fans, who always stick with me. I get so many messages from you every day. Feel hugged, hugged and hugged,” Laura leaves her 610,000 Subscribers know. And their influencer jobs also seem to be starting up again, because afterwards it goes straight to advertising for an abdominal trainer device. It is the first advertising post in a long time. We can only hope that Laura Müller will look up again.

24. November

Claudia Obert: What happened to her face?

Claudia Obert, 59, cares with her latest postings on Instagram for a sensation among their fans. Many worry about the reality TV participant. What happened to her face?

The star from “Celebrities under Palms” was in Schwerin for a lift at a cosmetic surgeon. “I want to look younger and better. It’s finally time I looked good at all,” said the 59-year-old in an Instagram video after the procedure. “But you can’t see that I’ve been lifted.”

Claudia Obert grants intimate glimpses into the operating room on the popular social media platform. Not for the faint of heart! “We tightened the upper and lower eyelids a bit, then cut the hairline again and pulled the whole section up a bit,” explains the doctor in charge.

After the lift, the self-made millionaire was wearing an eye mask in the clinicto minimize the swelling of the wounds.

The operation was a week ago, Claudia Obert survived everything well. The sutures and clips on the scalp were pulled. The society lady is satisfied with the result. After all, the team of doctors made a young girl out of an old box, according to the 59-year-old.

23. November

Michael Wendler: Oliver Pocher reveals spicy details

It’s hot between Michael Wendler, 48, and Oliver Pocher, 42. Since Michael Wendler drew attention to himself on the Internet with crude theories about alleged electoral fraud in the USA and questionable theses about the corona pandemic, the comedian has not left any activity of the pop singer uncommented. The two have an exchange on Instagram, in which even Amira Pocher, 28, recently joined. Especially Michael Wendler’s last announcement on Instagram caused malice and ridicule at Oliver Pocher.

The pop singer was live on Instagram on November 17th for 26 minutes. Oliver Pocher also clicked in. Apparently he heard the whole thing for the second time, as he now reveals in his podcast “The Pochers here”. “I already had to listen to a large part of the grits in the phone call, I talked to him on the phone”. The native Hanoverian actually wanted to meet the 48-year-old personally afterwards. But the words of the “don’t care” interpreter during the phone call stunned the comedian. After this phone call I noticed that hops and malt were completely lost. He is really convinced of these things and now thinks he is the political spearhead in Germany. He knocks out one Telegram scrap after another“, Oli summarizes the conversation angrily.

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