Is she showing a baby bump here?

Sarah Knappik’s latest social media post causes confusion among her fans. The photo shows the model’s shadow, which is visible on the surface of the sea. Instead of the otherwise slender silhouette, the belly bulges out clearly.

Could it be that Sarah Knappik, 34, is expecting a baby? In recent weeks, rumors have surfaced that the model has a new man by her side after she shared a picture on Instagram that clearly showed a man’s arm around her shoulder. The former “Germany’s next top model” candidate has not officially commented on this, but her pictures speak for themselves. So also the latest recording?

Sarah Knappik irritates fans with a beach shot

It would be a whole new life for the influencer. Because besides the mysterious man at your side there is more news. Sarah Knappik has announced that she wants to emigrate. “I’m about to emigrate. First information … more surprises and news will follow,” she wrote on Instagram three weeks ago. Has she delivered the next surprise with the latest photo and burst the baby bomb?

The picture could hardly be clearer. Fans are sure and congratulate the 34-year-old under the photo. Others are more skeptical. “Pregnant?” Some of the followers ask. “Sure, you can see that,” is the answer of most. Sarah Knappik does not disclose exact details. She only sends her fans sunny greetings.

Sources used: Instagram


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