Is she emigrating with her family?

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Sarah Lombardi: Is she emigrating with her family? +++ Cathy Hummels shares a rare recording with her brother.

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October 14th

Sarah Lombardi: is she emigrating with her family?

Sarah Lombardi, 27, competes with the sun on her Instagram feed. The singer recently spent a wonderful time in the Maldives with son Alessio, five, and her boyfriend Julian Büscher, 27. With her two-week stay, the influencer has fulfilled a real dream, as she repeatedly emphasized on social media. Sarah Lombardi really blossomed in southern Asia.

Can the singer imagine living in a foreign country forever? Sarah got this question on her Instagram channel – and surprised with her answer. “I already feel at home in Germany – but I also really like it in the south and in the sun. I could imagine it someday.” How serious Sarah really is this idea remains to be seen.

Cathy Hummels shares a rare recording with her brother

Cathy Hummels, 32, did what many of those affected are afraid of: she went public with the subject of depression. For half of her life she has suffered from depression again and again, as revealed in the biography “My detour to happiness”. She finds support with her family. Her son Ludwig, two, her husband Mats, 31, her parents, but also her brother Sebastian. The influencer now shares a rare post with him on Instagram.

“We want to help you and answer your most frequently asked questions. Together with my brother Dr. med. Sebastian KM Fischer, I am committed to providing information on this taboo subject,” explains Cathy Hummels about a 42-minute clip. Her brother is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy and has provided expertise and tips for dealing with depression.

The Instagram users are grateful to Cathy and her brother for the input on the social media platform. “Really good! Honestly! Very useful video!”, One user appreciates the contribution. “It’s good to know that you are not alone. I really hope that there will be a next time soon. I think you are a great team,” commented another. And another follower is happy with the two siblings: “How lucky to have such a great big brother!”.

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