Is she afraid of relapse with Peer Kusmagk?

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UN requires calm after homicide of Iranian nuclear scientist

United Nations (UN) Secretary-Common António Guterres urges calm after the assassination try on the alleged mastermind of the key Iranian nuclear bomb program. ...

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The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Janni Hönscheid comments again on Peer Kusmagks alcohol addiction +++ Angelina Pannek posts hairstyle update – fans are bothered by this detail ++++ Verona Pooth has a new hairstyle.

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October 22nd

Janni Hönscheid: Is she afraid of a relapse with Peer Kusmagk?

Last year, TV star Peer Kusmagk, 45, made his alcohol addiction public for the first time. With the help of his wife Janni Hönscheid, 30, the former king of the jungle managed to overcome the disease. Today the two lead an idyllic family life with their children Emil Ocean, three years old, and Yoko, one year old. Of course, this also raises the question of whether Janni is afraid that Peer could relapse again at some point – and a fan would also like to know that in the course of a question-and-answer session.

The answer from the professional surfer is decided: “No, not at all,” said Hönscheid. He’s such a strong man and I’m really proud of us that we mastered this chapter together. Nothing is stronger than our will! And if you know your weaknesses, you can turn them into strengths, “says the 30-year-old firmly.

The thoroughbred mom didn’t always show this serenity. In the revelatory interview with “Bild”, Hönscheid admitted that she used to be worried that her husband might pick up the bottle again. For example, she always cleared the minibar in the hotel beforehand or looked for ways on vacation that did not lead past a bar. In the same question and answer session, Janni Hönscheid also revealed that she and Peer Kusmagk wanted a third child. We wish the young family all the best.

Angelina Pannek gets criticism for her battered iPhone

After participating in “Der Bachelor”, Angelina Pannek, 28, started out as an influencer and met her great love Sebastian Pannek, 34. She regularly takes her Instagram followers on a journey into her life. In one of her latest postings, Pannek gives her fans a hairstyle update: With “short” hair, without extensions.

Bizarre: Although users are annoyed by the fact that Pannek’s hair is by no means short without hairpieces, criticism is falling for their iPhone, which looks visibly worn out. “Looks good, but your cell phone doesn’t”, “I just see the cell phone all the time. It hurts when you see something like that”, “I have to pay a lot more attention to your cell phone” or “That your cell phone still works” are many of the comments.

Angelina Pannek gives a hairstyle update on Instagram.
© Instagram / angelina.pannek

The influencer’s Instagram account has recently been switched to a private account because Angelina Pannek fell for a fraudulent company. As a mom who earns her money on Instagram and therefore uses her smartphone all the time, it is not surprising that it now looks a bit battered. With a few new advertising collaborations, it will certainly be enough for a new iPhone.

October 21

Verona Pooth: Fans are excited about, new hairstyle

Verona Pooth, 52, is a real feast for the eyes. The former model regularly presents herself on Instagram in seductive poses and outfits. The TV star is regularly showered with praise and positive emojis from the followers. Now the mother of two sons is posting a black and white photo with her new hairstyle – and the fans are thrilled!

Pooth recently had his long mane shortened to a long bob. But now the hair length of the native Bolivian seems to have shrunk by a few centimeters, because Verona has had a classic bob cut.

“A beautiful photo and the haircut looks amazing. Mega class”, comments one of the fans, “Awesome haircut that looks great on you,” writes another and “You can wear anything”, says a third. We also think that Verona Pooth looks very good on this hairstyle.

the 20th of October

Laura Wontorra: Fans criticize you for this outfit detail

Laura Wontorra, 31, is a real crowd favorite as a presenter. The daughter of Jörg Wontorra, 71, regularly takes her fans behind the scenes on Instagram and presents them with breathtaking looks. In her most recent posting, the brunette beauty shows herself in a hot leather jumpsuit – but the men of creation have something to complain about with this outfit detail of all things.

Because under it you can read comments like: “Mega outfit! You only have to work on the shoes that go with it”, says a follower. “Ahhh, you should have worn high heels to go with that awesome outfit,” agrees another. Because Laura wears casual white sneakers instead of festive shoes – and the comments often come from male users. The moderator also receives a lot of compliments for this. We think: Laura Wontorra looks wonderful even with sneakers!

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