Sega Dreamcast It was a console that for many was a reflection of innovation e incomprehension.

In 1998, when Sony and Nintendo were still fighting with their PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64, respectively, Sega I arrive with Dreamcast, a platform that formally inaugurated the sixth generation consoles.

In addition to having superior graphics, Dreamcast was the first console to have internal modem for internet support and online gaming.

However, the console was a victim of incomprehension and their sales ended up taking a nosedive, especially when Sony began to generate hype around PlayStation 2.

And even though Dreamcast lives in the hearts of the users who played it at the time, it seems that the console could arrive in mini version to be in tune with the trend of retro platforms in miniscule sizes.


In an interview with Famitsu (translated by NintendoLife), Yosuke Okunari, who was part of the development of Sega Genesis Mini, talked about possible upcoming Sega miniature projects and mentioned that Dreamcast it could be one of them.

‘We are considering concepts similar to the Sega Genesis Mini. If I had to mention some of these ideas, I would say they could be an SG1000 Mini or a Dreamcast Mini, He said.

He also clarified that, in any case, the project would not come to light soon, as it is necessary to take into account costs and development times.

Mentioned that it would not be possible to have it ready in this season of the following year or when two years have passed since the launch of the Sega Genesis Mini (which came out in September 2019).

Although the release window is not necessarily close, hopefully the development of a miniature version of Dreamcast be a reality.

Arcadia titles debuted on that console in home format that later became references for an entire era, such as Soul Calibur Y Crazy Taxi, and we also saw for the first time games that at the time innovated in the market, such as Shenmue Y Jet Set Radio.