Is it wise for a tiger to sleep under a net?

The number of mosquitoes increases quickly due to the increasing temperatures. Tijn Elferink, a journalist in health, explores a topic that can be confusing. Is it necessary to purchase a mosquito net due to the West Nile virus and the Tiger mosquito?

Last summer, the West Nile virus was discovered in the Netherlands. Hans Zaaijer from the University of Amsterdam, a professor of bloodborne infections, said that it had been “snowed in” a little because of corona.

The common house mosquito transmits the virus. Zaaijer says that most people don’t feel any discomfort. Some people experience mild symptoms like fever. Only 1 percent of people who get meningitis and encephalitis are at risk of dying or becoming severely disabled.

Sting birds are also at risk from mosquitoes

Global warming is likely to be responsible for the emergence of such viruses in the Netherlands, according to Zaaijer (also a medical microbiologist with the Sanquin Blood Bank). The four-year-old blackbird deaths caused by the usutuvirus was a sign of the West Nile virus. The mosquitoes can sting both humans and birds. The West Nile virus, a brother to the usutu viruses, is transmitted from mosquito to birds. The mosquito.

Good news is that the virus can not be transmitted sexually. Humans cannot transmit the virus to mosquitoes again, just like birds. According to Zaaijer, who is familiar with Zika virus from Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic Games, it is possible. “The mosquito can transmit the dengue virus through the Tiger mosquito.

Sometimes, the Tiger mosquito is also found in the Netherlands

Although the tiger mosquito is originally from Southeast Asia and sometimes flies in the Netherlands, it can also be found here. According to the RIVM we don’t have to worry about this mosquito biting us. Dr Marieta Braks is a mosquito expert at RIVM. “The mosquitoes can be controlled and eliminated on-site. There is little chance that the tiger mosquitoes will transmit viruses such as dengue.

This mosquito season, the West Nile virus was not detected. Zaaijer says that the season has yet to be established. “The chances of the virus disappearing from the Netherlands are slim.” It typically appears in the summer. The presence of the virus is under investigation by NVWA as well as RIVM. Braks: “We also examine whether or not it spreads quickly.”

“Water, bushes, birds and mosquitoes go well together.”

Hans Zaaijer, Professor

Sanquin checks blood transfusions for the presence of the virus because it can be transmitted through blood. The blood of donors from Utrecht or Gelderland is closely watched. Zaaijer explains that the West Nile virus was first discovered last summer in a warbler living in Haarzuilens, near Utrecht. Infections were reported between Haarzuilens (near Utrecht) and Arnhem. It’s possible it is due to green, wetland areas. Water, bushes and birds, as well as mosquitoes, can be a good combination.

“We advise people to remove breeding grounds in and around the house.”

Marieta Braks is a mosquito expert

Goggles that are empty

Braks states that it is impossible to eliminate all species of birds and mosquitoes. “Mozzies primarily lay eggs in standing water so we recommend that people remove any breeding areas in and around their home. Think about gutters, flowerpots, rain barrels, and the base of parasols.

RIVM says that if West Nile virus has been confirmed, further advice will be given. Zaaijer states that the best way to prevent mosquitoes from nighttime is with a mosquito net. “I would have bought a mosquito net if I lived in Haarzuilens last year. However, I do sleep under it during mosquito-infested summers. That works great all the way around your bed.


Why are humans the preferred victim of some mosquitoes?

The verdict

Although the tiger mosquito bites can be annoying, the common house moth, which can transmit the West Nile virus, is more concerning. The best way to prevent mosquitoes from biting you at night is with a mosquito net. It is a good idea to do this if you are bothered by mosquito bites or the appearance of mosquitoes. However, it is not mandatory.



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