Is it true that Denzel Washington took inspiration from Eddie Murphy?

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Written and directed by Dan Gilroy, the drama End of Justice – No One’s Innocent earned its star Denzel Washington an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. But is it true that he was inspired by Eddie Murphy’s Norbit?

Released in theaters in 2017, the film End of Justice – Nobody is innocent is a drama film written and directed by And Gilroy. The original title is Roman J. Israel, Esq., which is the name of the character played by Denzel Washington where Esq. is the diminutive of Esquire and it is a suffix used after the name which can mean Dear, but it is recognized as a courtesy title of lawyers. The story of the film revolves around a lawyer suffering from Asperger’s syndrome and experiences such an emotional detachment from society that he remained stuck in the 70s, both in the look and in the home furnishings. Man fights hard to defend the values ​​of the past, trying not to be overwhelmed by the modern world but a series of events lead him to undermine his idealism. Colin Farrell and Carmen Ejogo are also in the cast of the film.

End of Justice – Nobody is innocent he had an unhappy fate. After premiering at the Toronto Film Festival, the film was shortened by 12 minutes to accommodate the negative reviews it received. The attempt to improve it did not bear fruit when it hit theaters, making it the worst grossing for which with Denzel Washington of his last 30 career. That said, the actor received one for this film nomination agli Oscar come best leading actor for one simple reason: Denzel he is an extraordinary actor even if the film is not perfect. The negative criticisms were in fact unanimous in considering his performance exceptional and how much his talent had been wasted. These praises were not enough to make him feel above the value of the film, also having the responsibility of the work on his shoulders as a co-producer. In short, in End of Justice – Nobody is innocent he believed it and it must not have been easy to digest this bitter morsel.

End of Justice: curiosity about the film with Denzel Washington

  • For this role Denzel Washington he had a capsule of a tooth removed in order to have the crack on his two incisors, although the repair went back to when he was a teenager.
  • Before Roman J. Israel, Esq. the original title was Inner City
  • While he was having dinner at an Asian restaurant, Denzel Washinton was approached by a fan who asked him who he was inspired to create the character of Roman J. Israel. It seems that his (very ironic) answer was: “I have always admired the work of Eddie Murphy and I was influenced for this project by his character Norbit“There is a strange resemblance to be noted, indeed, but that it is true … we strongly doubt it.

Below the End of Justice trailer – No one is innocent.


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