Is BTS Overrated? A ( humorous) Investigation

It’s no secret that BTS is one of, if not the, most popular boy bands in the world right now. But some people are wondering: are they really that good? Are they overrated?

Today, we’re going to investigate some of the theories out there about why people think BTS might be overhyped.

They’re not that attractive

Let’s get this one out of the way first. Yes, fans of BTS are irrationally attractive to the point where it’s almost a turn-off, but the boys themselves?

Is BTS Overrated? A ( humorous) Investigation 5

Yeah, no. I mean, just look at them. Jungkook looks like he just got done with a 12 hour shift at a Chick-fil-A and V looks like he’s about to steal your car. But don’t worry, ARMY has you covered with fan fictions and edited photos to make up for it.

They can’t sing live

This is a fair point. If you watch any live performance of BTS, you’ll notice that their mouths aren’t always in sync with the words coming out (which is why they always have a mic in front of them). And when they do sing live, it sounds…auto-tuned.

Is BTS Overrated? A ( humorous) Investigation 6

Their fans will argue that this is because they’re performing such complicated choreography at the same time, but we all know that’s not true. The real reason is much more sinister: they’re actually lip-syncing to tracks produced by their dark lord Satan (or Big Hit Entertainment).

They don’t write their own music

Again, another valid criticism. The majority of BTS’s songs are written by other people (namely CEO Bang Si Hyuk). But what fans fail to realize is that these songs are actually written about the boys’ personal experiences.

Is BTS Overrated? A ( humorous) Investigation 7

For example, “IDOL” was written about how Jin once got food poisoning from expired kimchi and “Boy With Luv” is based on a true story about how Jungkook once saw a boy hugging a girl and felt envious. So while the boys may not have physically written the songs, they’re still very personal to them.

They’re already past their prime

This one stings a little because it’s true—BTS is already starting to get old. Suga is 27! That’s practically ancient in Kpop years. He’s already starting to lose his hair and his skin isn’t as perfect as it used to be.

The rest of the boys aren’t far behind him either—Jin will be 30 in December! In 10 years time, BTS will be nothing but a memory…a footnote in history books next to One Direction and NSYNC.”

So there you have it—the evidence seems pretty damning. Is BTS overrated? You be the judge.

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