Is a common TV format coming soon?

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Laura and Jörg Wontorra can be seen on “Grill den Henssler”. Will a common TV format for father and daughter soon follow?

Presenter Laura Wontorra (31) will be allowed in the upcoming episode of “Grill den Henssler” (November 1st, 8:15 pm on VOX and via TVNow) welcome a surprise guest: their father Jörg (71). He will compete in a duel against Steffen Henssler (48). In a double interview with the news agency spot on news, the two tell how their cooking skills are doing, why they like to be in front of the camera together and whether further joint projects are planned. Jörg Wontorra also reveals how he is doing after leaving TV talker and why his daughter is made for work in front of the camera.

Ms. Wontorra, what did you think when your father came on the show as a surprise guest, were you afraid for the family honor?

Laura Wontorra: Absolutely not, I know that neither of us can cook. That means we can only win and I was secretly happy that someone in the kitchen is even clumsier than me.

Mr. Wontorra, why did you feel like playing against Steffen Henssler?

Jörg Wontorra: I love both the surprises and the challenges, and this show came very close to my expectations. It just appealed to me to be on a cooking show without being able to cook. And I knew exactly that Laura would have expected me everywhere, but never on this show.

Is it weird for both of you to be in front of the camera together?

Laura Wontorra: No, not at all. It even feels very natural! At the beginning of my career, we deliberately avoided it because my father wanted me to go my own way first. We now enjoy working together a lot!

Jörg Wontorra: For me it is relatively normal because we treat each other in front of the camera like in real life. There are only a few spectators, but I block that out and imagine I would be with Laura in the living room at home.

Mr Wontorra, you say on the show that you can’t really cook. Does your partner tend to take care of the food?

Jörg Wontorra: My partner cooks and I am often condemned to clean up afterwards. But there’s one thing I won’t take away from me, namely my breakfast dish for the whole family.

Have you both cooked together before?

Laura Wontorra: We have absolutely never cooked together! My father knows exactly one dish: It’s best if he tells the story himself and so far he has only taught my brother this dish.

Jörg Wontorra: These are my Serbian eggs. They are actually called Turkish eggs because they are a popular breakfast dish there. The recipe: Tomato, paprika, onions and ham in the pan, season with two squirts of Tabasco. Then beat two fried eggs on top, season with pepper and salt and bake with cheese. When I did that for Laura’s mother for the first time, it unfortunately went wrong, but now I’m very confident with this dish.

Mr Wontorra, you announced your retirement as a TV talker in July. What has changed for you since then and can you imagine another comeback?

Jörg Wontorra: I am currently shutting down my life very much and in times of Corona I reduce myself only to contacts with family and close friends. And it’s actually a lot of fun, after such a long professional journey, to feel more private quality of life. Of course, I continue to follow the sports scene intensively and am always open to new projects. But I don’t want to force anything, I just let things come my way.

How does your daughter do in entertainment shows or do you prefer to see her in soccer coverage?

Jörg Wontorra: Laura has a great charisma, a high degree of authenticity and then also that natural carefree attitude that you need in front of the camera. That’s why I trust her both genres. Based on an old Andy Möller quote, I would say: “Whether entertainment or sport, the main thing is television”.

Ms. Wontorra, you said in an interview that your father is your greatest critic. What have you already learned from him and have you already returned the favor with criticism?

Laura Wontorra: My father is my greatest critic, but also my most important mentor. I am very grateful that I can learn so much from him! I almost never criticize him or his work.

Your father had actually advised you against the moderation job. Do you understand why today?

Laura Wontorra: Yes, because as a child I always accused him of only being away on weekends. Now I feel no different, of course he knew that.

Could you envision joint TV projects, maybe a talk show?

Laura Wontorra: My father is always good for surprises, and when the right project comes along, neither of us can rule out doing a TV format together again.

Jörg Wontorra: Exactly, if someone asks us whether we want to do something together again, we will of course look at the concept of the respective project and decide on it together. But it has to fit and the content of the format has to convince us.

How do you currently enjoy spending time together?

Laura Wontorra: On dad vacation, it’s usually a city trip: dad, brother and me. It’s now a small tradition. It all started with a little trip to Paris. Otherwise, my brother and I also like to be with my father in Marbella.

Jörg Wontorra: Recently, surprisingly, we saw each other very often in the television studio because we had a few appearances together. We then of course also use this for private discussions. And this summer Laura was with us in Marbella for four weeks. We were once again able to pursue our favorite activities in complete familiarity: doing sports, soaking up the sun, eating well and chatting extensively about the peculiarities of the industry.


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