Irish PM welcomes Biden with promise to “roll out the red carpet” during visit.

President Biden hosted Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar on Friday for St. Patrick’s Day at the White House, a holiday celebration close to the president’s heart that is expected to precede his visit to Ireland.

“It’s good to have you back in the Oval Office, Taoiseach,” Biden said during a meeting with the Irish leader. “It’s a big day in my grandparents’ house, our family, a big day here. And I know it’s an even more important day at home.”

Biden, who often refers to his Irish heritage and frequently quotes Irish poet William Butler Yeats, hosted Varadkar for a bilateral meeting at the White House. The two will attend a luncheon on Capitol Hill with lawmakers to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, followed by&nbspa celebration at the White House for staffers and guests.

The president is expected to visit Ireland in coming weeks – during which he’ll mark of 25th anniversary of Good Friday Agreement that ended Northern Ireland conflict next month.”

The White House has not officially confirmed Biden's trip but Varadkar said he was “looking forward”to President's visit.
I promise we will roll out red carpet and it will be like no other [visit]. Everyone excited about already,”’—said Vardakar.
We have huge crowds would love see you so look forward talking some details little bit later.”

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