Irina Rimes overtook her in this pandemic. The artist did not stay in vain, she composed two albums: “Pastila”, the recently released album, and “Acasă”, the album for next year that she announces would be the best so far. Although she says that she loved this precious time she had been waiting for 4 years, Irina missed the concerts, so she decided to personally deliver her album “Pastila”, on which she prepared 10 songs in collaboration with famous artists such as: Nane , Bruja, Amuly or producer Luca Beatz.

“The isolation itself caught me well because I managed to get back to myself somehow,” Irina told Mediafax. “I moved my studio home, which is here to my right, a small and very modest studio but which did its job with the album” Pill “and more. I still hold sessions at home. I do sessions at home and I learned to do things on my own, that is, to start with a mini production, to put on a drum, to play a piano, to play a voice, to cut them myself, to arrange them in my project. Somehow, for me, this isolation was about development. “

For Irina, the album “Pill” was an artistic release: “Something I wanted to say for a long time and I kept refraining.” She says she decided to deliver the albums personally to see people’s faces: “To see the smiles on their faces because I haven’t seen them in a long time and I can honestly miss them. “

“I like that when people come to me they never say” Oh, Irina, I always dreamed of seeing you “, but they come to me and say” Thank you for the music! Your music helped me >> ”, the artist confesses.