Yes, we know. The new ones were barely launched iPhone 12 and we already have rumors of the next generation of iPhone 13.

Ming-Chi Kuo, a renowned analyst who tends to have successful leaks of Apple, has spoken to talk about the changes that we will see in the new iPhone 13.

Although the expert usually fails in terms of specific dates, he has shown to have a very high level of success with reference to new devices and company plans.

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Important improvements in iPhone 13

Recently, a patent was released revealing that Apple could launch its next iPhone with Touch ID under the screen. And now, Ming-Chi Kuo explains that the next iPhone 13 will arrive with a major improvement in the wide-angle camera.

Furthermore, the analyst adds that Apple will follow the same strategy of this generation, launching four models of different sizes. The name of this generation is provisional, since the company tends to use the suffix “s” in intermediate generations.

The iPhone 12 has made the numerical leap from iPhone 11 because it represents a significant change in its design, both internal and external. Next year, it will be an iteration on this one, so it is more reasonable to expect it to be named iPhone 12s, but we will only know this until next year.

One of the great novelties that you will use Apple to improve the current iPhone 12, will lie in their cameras.

Kuo states that specifically the wide angle will have a larger aperture to allow the entry of more light. This means that the more light the camera captures, the image will be sharper and will offer less noise.

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While the expert’s statements are consistent, it is still too early to get ahead of the next-gen specs.