iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max: price, specifications and the most important news

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The iPhone 12 has been officially unveiled. Apple has introduced four new phones. Two are delivered faster, two slower. Otherwise, prices have remained the same. And there’s a new smart speaker.

Below you can find the news presented by Apple during the event Hi, Speed, in livetext format. iPhone 12, both as mini and as Pro and Pro Max, was the star. And rightly so for the Pro models. You can also watch the official video published by Apple on YouTube.

How much does the iPhone 12 and all other models cost? (And why they’re actually cheaper)

iPhone SE will be the cheapest iPhone. But the new models, the Pro ones, start at $ 1,000. Pro Max starts at $ 1,100.

The phones will be pre-ordered from October 16. But you should know that Pro Max and mini will be delivered from November 13, and the others from October 23. The 6.1-inch models may still be the most interesting.

iPhone 12 Pro starts at 128 GB of storage space. Thus, if you compare the price (which is the same) with the models from previous years, you at least gain more storage. At the same time, Apple is finally moving to 128 GB as standard.

Finally, Apple and iPhone Xr ($ 500) and iPhone 11 ($ 600) remained in the offer. All the others are gone.

What does this sensor do on iPhone (and iPad)?

The LiDAR sensor will also be used for faster focus for pictures. According to official data, the focus is six times faster. Other manufacturers have tried something similar with 3D ToF (Time of Flight) sensors. In the meantime, they began to give up on them.

On LiDAR, the options are quite numerous. It remains to be seen how developers will use such a thing. Augmented reality can only be a component.

lidar iphone

What you see above is how the LiDAR sensor “sees” the world. With it, placed directly on the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro, Apple hopes to accelerate the development of augmented reality.

The iPhone has just become a camera vagsemiprofesională through Dolby Vision and software capabilities

iphone with specifications

Apple has announced that the iPhone will be able to record at 10 bits HDR and supports the Dolby Vision HDR standard. And you can do the processing on the phone, if you want. But you do it best on your PC. According to the announcement, the editing will be for the first time on iPhone 12. No other phone has such a thing.

With ProRAW, Apple claims that you can take advantage of more than one image. And developers will have access to make applications or improve their existing applications. And there are many.


Apple also announced ProRAW. Basically, better exposed images, with more details. And it was the case for such a thing, given that it has Deep Fusion, offers stabilization, has software based on artificial intelligence. Basically, whoever takes it seriously can now do it on the iPhone with RAW images without third-party applications.

iPhone 12 Pro Max is a bit more powerful when it comes to the photo-video module. It offers more zoom, has a larger sensor, and image stabilization is on the sensor. Thus, the stabilization is done by the actual movement of the sensor, not the lens. It should be more stable. The promise is that he can take pictures with a 2-second exposure. The technique would be unique.

iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max: price, specifications and the most important news

iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max, this year’s premium phones

ecran iphone 12 pro

ecran iphone pro max

Perhaps the best news about the iPhone 12 Pro is that Deep Fusion will be on all cameras. Until now it was only wide. Which is impressive, but not exactly like Huawei or Samsung. However, he is recovering in this regard as well. It still has a faster processor than Qualcomm or Samsung.

Apple claims that these two phones are the ones you get when you want the best. They have all the options earlier. The small model has a 6.1-inch screen, and Max has a 6.7-inch screen. The phones, compared to previous models, are only a little taller. They also have a LiDAR sensor on the back.

iphone 12 pro spate

iphone 12 pro si pro max

The mini model is water and dust resistant, and the price starts at $ 700. iPhone 12 classic (if that’s the case) starts at $ 800. iPhone 12 mini has a better protected back than the 2019 models. Let’s see if that’s the case.

iphone 12 mini specs

Apple has also announced an iPhone 12 mini. And below you can see a comparison: the 5.4-inch screen on it, but also the screen on the iPhone SE.

iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max: price, specifications and the most important news

iPhone no longer has headphones and a charger in the package

When it came to the environment, Apple also revealed that the new phones will no longer have chargers in the package, but no headphones. The box will be smaller, it will be just a cable, the phone, but also some instruction sheets.

cutie iphone 12

iPhone got a new trick. It’s called MagSafe and it means you can attach magnetic accessories to your phone. It also works on wireless chargers (15 watts). At the same time, this opens the door for a lot of cases. Apple has demonstrated car mounts, special cases, wireless chargers. And it is possible that this idea was copied by others.

magsafe iphone

Night Mode will be available in all rooms: front and back.

night mode iphone 12

This iPhone 12 has two cameras: one wide, one ultrawide. The lens is better, the phone should handle better in low light situations. How do we understand why this stream started with images taken at night. There is also Smart HDR 3. At the same time, the phone relies on software to deliver better images.

Another novelty is that the game League of Legends will come on the iPhone. The promise is quality as a console.

lol pe iphone

The A14 Bionic will be on the new phones. So the performance of this chip was also reviewed.

a14 bionic cip perforamnte

Apple claims to have worked with 100 operators in 30 regions to ensure there are no problems with 5G. At the same time, iOS will decide when you need 5G or 4G. This means that if speed is not everything, it will automatically switch to 4G. Which can greatly help autonomy. Orange and Vodafone, but also Telekom are on the list of operators.

This will be neither the most expensive nor the cheapest iPhone. But it may be the most popular, precisely because it will have a good price and some honorable features.

antenna iphone 12 6 1 inch
IPhone 12 connectivity antennas

iPhone 12 has a 6.1-inch screen with OLED technology, has Dolby Vision, HLG and HDR 10 officially supported, and the brightness peak is 1,200 nits. The resolution is Super Retina.

iphone 12 screen

Tim Cook announced the first Apple phone with 5G: iPhone 12. It will be available in blue, green, white, but also black or red. It takes over the design from the iPad Pro, has two cameras, glass on the back, aluminum on the edge. It’s like a mature iPhone 4s.

iphone 12 5g first model

When it comes to 5G, it’s hard to say anything against it. But in Romania we have the problem of the lack of an auction to lead to the development of networks. The director of Verizon, at the event dedicated to iPhone 12, said that through 5G users can expect speeds of 4 Gbps in optimal conditions for download and 200 Mbps for upload.

We could say, as Cook said, that a new era for the iPhone. But the funny thing is that while the first iPhone was launched exclusively on the AT&T network, the director of Verizon has now been invited.

iPhone 12, Apple’s first 5G phone

iphone 12 5g

Tim Cook praised 5G connectivity for what we already knew: speed, low latency, but also security. But yes, Apple has moved on to something like this. Not too early, not too late.

Tim Cook switched from speaker to phone. He claims to be the most popular phone in the world. And that comes first when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The HomePod mini costs $ 100.

homepod mini pret

Communication between devices also works on AirPods. So you can deliver the excellent message. In his own house. And Apple claims that the applications registered by Siri are not connected with your ID. And there is encryption.

Since Siri is the basis of all devices, you can set things on one device and have all the others. At the same time, you can be reminded of things in the car, through CarPlay. The HomePod mini works however, including the iPad and Apple Watch. You can even send messages from one speaker to another. Basically, you have your own intranet. Or public ad service. If you have such a big house.

Of course, Siri is the center of attention – she knows 20 times more than before; you can ask the speaker to tell you all sorts of things, curiosities and more. And the speaker obviously works great in tandem with the phone. Can set multiple alarms and timers if you need to.

Apple claims that the HomePod mini has powerful speakers, analyzes the music and delivers it in perfect quality, and if you have two speakers in the house, they can “collaborate” for an even better listening experience. At the same time, HomePod mini would become the “brain” of your smart home. Use a special chip, S5, for everything you deliver.

homepod mini lansare

Apple has started the event dedicated to new phones with a speaker: HomePod mini. It’s a sphere, like the first time, but smaller, cheaper and possibly a little more desirable by customers. And it looks different. It looks like the latest product introduced by Amazon, but a little different.

homepod mini

As at the previous event, dedicated to the iPad, the presentation opens with Tim Cook, Apple’s director, after being presented with the Apple Center made at night.

iphone 12 launch event


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