Just a few days ago, Apple introduced his new family of iPhone 12, which came with a new design, a smaller version and a different charger called MagSafe, which is the company’s answer to wireless chargers from other brands.

Since the new iPhone 12, Apple It generated controversy by revealing that they would not have a charger as a measure to take care of the environment and reduce costs. However, the company said it would lower the price of accessories by not including them.

However, it appears that iPhone 12 they hide a secret that Apple did not reveal at his presentation event.

In accordance with The Verge, the line of iPhone 12 has the ability to wirelessly charge one or more external accessories, according to a series of presentations from the FCC that were made public a few days ago.

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iPhone 12 could charge accessories wirelessly

The document notes that the new iPhone 12 They are capable of charging other devices wirelessly just by placing them on the back of the phone.

The 2020 iPhones also support the 360KHz WPT charging feature for charging accessories. At this time, the only accessory that can be recharged by iPhones is a potential external accessory that will arrive in the future.

The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission of the United States, so we are talking about a state agency that is in charge of both regulating the telecommunications industry, and developing various regulations related to electronic products.

This means that Apple provided such information, so we are not facing a rumor or a possible leak.

This secret feature could help to charge other devices, such as headphones of Apple or the trackers they have supposedly been working on in recent years.

However, it seems that the functionality would be limited, for the moment, to a single accessory of the company. In the pools are the next generation of AirPods and the expected AirTags, the positioning labels on which Apple has been working for the last few months.

Apple could carry out a new presentation with the main focus to its first Mac with architecture ARM, but you might also talk about this wireless charging feature built into the iPhone 12.

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