Investigation of Trump’s purported payments to Stormy Daniels for silence.

Donald Trump, the former President of the United States, may soon find himself in uncharted territory as he faces potential criminal charges. In fact, he could become the first sitting or former president to face such charges in American history. The Manhattan district attorney’s probe into a hush money payment made to adult film star Stormy Daniels has gained new momentum and is causing quite a stir.

Recent comments made by Trump on Truth Social have only added fuel to this already blazing fire. He stated that he believes he will be arrested on Tuesday, which only adds more intrigue to an already complicated saga that has plagued him since Daniels publicly alleged they had an affair.

The story begins back in 2006 when Daniels met Trump at a celebrity golf tournament at Lake Tahoe in Nevada. She claimed they had sex in his hotel suite after he invited her to dinner. Fast forward ten years later and actress Karen McDougal’s attorney Keith M. Davidson approaches the National Enquirer about selling her story of an affair she had with Trump from 2006-2007.

The National Enquirer secures the rights to her story for $150,000 but never publishes it – a tactic used to quash her claims and prevent its influence during the election – which its parent company American Media Inc (AMI) admits to doing so through a non-prosecution agreement filed by Federal Election Commission documents later on.

Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen links up with David Pecker – chair and CEO of AMI -to discuss possibly buying the non-disclosure portion of McDougal’s agreement with AMI for $125k.Davidson tells The National Enquirer that Daniels is willing to share details about their alleged affair on record; The Enquirer notifies Cohen who agrees pay Daniels $130k for rights over her story along with signing a non-disclosure agreement.

As Donald prepares himself for office, Cohen requests reimbursement from Trump Organization regarding payment given out towards Daniel’s silence which was granted double per federal prosecutors who later oversaw Cohen’s case.The Wall Street Journal published details regarding payments paid out towards Daniel’s silence making it public knowledge.Cohen releases statement stating that although payment was made towards Daniel’s silence ,he wasn’t reimbursed nor did trump campaign know anything about it.Trump denies allegations.Michael Avenatti released emails showing how wire transfer took place between them.Trump makes his first public comment denying any knowledge regarding payments.Giuliani confirms reimbursements were done.August 2018: Cohen pleads guilty due eight counts including tax evasion,fraud,campaign finance violations related directly towards payments made towards both women.He states directed violation against campaign law under unnamed candidate direction.Same candidate directed him paying off $130k as hush money reimbursing afterwards sentenced three years imprisonment.Federal investigation concludes July 2019.Manhattan DA subpoenas August 2019 records related payments.September same year issues subpoena dating back till 2011.Trump sues blocking subpoena appeals ruling all way Supreme Court February finds not shielded from subpoena.Charges brought against top executives tax-related fraud March invites testify before grand jury calling “threat” indictment insane.Looming charges threaten inject chaos into future campaigns

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