The soap opera about the future of Luis Suarez continues to give rise to talk, after Italian police are investigating possible irregularities in the Italian test that the Uruguayan forward completed when everything indicated that he would sign for the Juventus.

The financial authorities of the transalpine country suspect that the questions and the final notes were agreed before Suárez’s trip to Perugia, where he completed the exam to obtain citizenship and facilitate his arrival at Juve.

The researchers are gathering information and documentation at the University of the Umbrian capital that would demonstrate that the questions were previously agreed upon and that even scores they had been assigned in advance.

The Italian authorities issued a statement signed by the prosecutor Raffaele Cantone in which he explains that “the investigations show that the topics covered by the exam were previously agreed with the candidate and that the relative score it was attributed to him even before it was carried out ”.

Statement on the Luis Suárez exam


The Italian media begin to reveal investigation details involving the University for Foreigners of Perugia, where phrases have been intercepted revealing through wiretapping.

“He has a salary of 10 million, must pass the exam“It was one of the most forceful, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, which points out that senior officials of the center are being investigated.

“It is not that he should, should and will approve, because with 10 million per season of salary you can mess it up because it doesn’t have B1“, they point out from the Italian media, despite the fact that in the same conversations it is heard:” but does not conjugate verbs “.

From the extracts that have come to light it is also clear that the university management was aware of the irregularities, since a conversation between its authorities includes: “You tell me what grade I give it and I’m leaving “, and the answer:” Put all 3, yesterday I heard the rector that that’s the line. “

The same wiretaps collected that one of the parties admits that “my fear is journalists, who ask two questions and this goes into crisis “.