Intrigues in the Vatican: the conservative wing returns to the charge against Pope Francis

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Two cardinals criticize his endorsement of civil unions for homosexual couples. And they revive the disputes.

The conservative wing of the Church returns to the fray. Several exponents of this current have raised their voices against Pope Francis after he said that he is in favor of civil unions between homosexuals so that they have legal coverage. “They are children of God, they have the right to a family,” said Francisco in a new documentary, in his clearest words in this papacy in favor of gay unions.

Perhaps the most relevant opinion is that of the German Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, appointed prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Benedict XVI and who remained in that important position until 2017. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Müller assures what the Pope “is not above the word of God, which created the human being, man and woman, marriage and family ”.

“I am a cardinal and I will always be on the side of the Pope, but not under all conditions. It is not an absolute loyalty, the first loyalty is to the word of God, ”he continues. The cardinal criticizes that in many countries civil unions are the premise of homosexual marriage, and says that the faithful are “upset” because the Pope’s words would be “the first step towards a justification of homosexual unions, by the Church, and this is not possible ”.

It is not the first time that Müller has attacked the views of the Pontiff. The German theologian began the year by saying, without quoting, that the “poison that paralyzes the Church is the opinion that we must adapt to the spirit of the age.”

Another old acquaintance of the anti-Pope ranks is the American Cardinal Raymond Burke, one of the four cardinals to sign the famous letter of the dubia (doubts), which protested because the Pope consider that the divorced and remarried could return to communion in some cases. He also captained a 2018 summit of ultra-Catholic cardinals to encourage disobeying the Pope as a “heretic.”

On this occasion, he has not wanted to stop putting an edge in the matter and has said in a statement that “The private opinions attributed to Francisco they do not correspond to the constant teaching of the Church ”. In his opinion, the right to form a family “is not a private right to claim but must correspond to the plan of the creator who made the human being in two sexes,” he continues, citing Genesis. Several US bishops have also voiced their rejection.

In this range of criticisms could not miss that of the former nuncio in Washington Carlo Maria Viganò, known for creating a great controversy by accusing the Pope, in 2018, of covering up the sexual abuse of an American cardinal. Viganò now denounces, openly, that Francis seeks to create a schism in the Church with “a crescendo of heretical statements, to force the healthy part of the Church – the episcopate, the clergy and the faithful – to accuse him of heresy, to later declare it schismatic and the enemy of the pope,” says Viganò.

While the criticisms arrive, the Vatican has not yet ruled on the Pope’s position in the documentary on civil unions, nor on the increasingly evident fact that his statements were extracted from an interview with the Mexican channel Televisa in 2019 that it was never published in full, to which the film’s director would have had access. The great doubt that now flies over San Pedro is why then the opinion of the Pope was not publishedWhy now and, above all, if the Vatican could have censored the words of the Pontiff that have caused such a stir in the media.

Anna Buj. La Vanguardia



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