Truth: Since when did you start preparing for Black Friday?

Stejara Pircan: For Black Friday we prepare for a year during which we collaborate with all our suppliers and partners, so that we can bring customers a day with the best offers of the year.

The truth: I noticed that in the last days, during the night, the eMAG site could not be accessed, showing a message that said “we are preparing for Black Friday”. What were these preparations?

Stejara Pircan: In preparation for Black Friday, we test the systems to make sure that they will work at optimal parameters on November 13: we do stress, load or performance tests. We have built systems that simulate customer behavior and run them on the site and other applications in the eMAG ecosystem until they reach maximum capacity, sometimes even more than that. Every year on Black Friday, the IT infrastructure behind it benefits from a major upgrade that we do at night, so that the impact on the customer is as small as possible.

Truth: Do you expect Black Friday 2020 to be more or less successful than BF 2019?

Stejara Pircan: We expect Black Friday 2020 to break the records we set last year, and the developments in recent months strengthen these expectations.

First of all, online commerce had an accelerated adoption during the pandemic and more and more people discovered benefits such as a wider range of products, better prices or delivery and return services. During this period, the interests of customers changed to categories of products that before the pandemic had less need or rather sought in offline, we quickly adapted to meet them.

Studies also confirm that interest is higher than ever, 54% of Romanians aged 18-65 intend to shop in this edition of Black Friday. In our opinion, on Black Friday and Christmas, shopping in all categories will take place mainly online.

The truth: This year it is quite obvious that the vast majority of customers will opt for delivery at home or in your locker, to avoid a possible longer trip. Are you prepared for the high volume of deliveries that are announced?

Stejara Pircan: We are very well prepared, and our goal is to deliver the orders by November 27, regardless of the delivery method – at easybox, by courier, in eMAG showrooms or in post offices.

We have expanded the easybox network to 850 units, so that this year’s Black Friday is three times bigger than last year and we work closely with the courier companies FAN Courier and Sameday.

The teams in the eMAG warehouses are ready to process the packages from the first hours, in complete safety, so that the orders are delivered to the couriers as soon as possible and delivered according to the promise.

In addition, this year we have hired 1,200 people who will be able to support this sprint, in the customer care, logistics and technology teams.

Truth: Will there be Black Friday deals from marketplace partners as well? If so, will they be promoted alongside those that eMAG will have?

Stejara Pircan: Yes, as every year, the special Black Friday offer will be supported not only by eMAG, but also by the partners in eMAG Marketplace. Participating products will be included in the special campaign page, but can be easily identified in the application or on the website, with the special Black Friday badge.

Truth: Can it be said that it is more difficult to organize this year’s Black Friday event because of all the safety measures you have to follow?

Stejara Pircan: It is an exceptional period, and from March until now I have worked predominantly working from home. We adapted quickly and the teams worked very well, we think it will be the same on November 13, when, for most of our colleagues, Black Friday will be from home. We didn’t feel it would be harder than if we were in the office, even though we lack human interaction.

We are concerned about the health of our colleagues and we have invested significantly in deposit protection measures, where those who work are equipped with everything necessary to ensure that their health is not endangered.