One with the smell of fir and still green grass, just in Belis, a Transylvanian mountain town, where he found another scene and another voice. Until now, he was the actor. In the summer, however, he is also a politician. Here is what he says about these two major roles between which he oscillates during this period, but also about the husband of the actress Iulia Lazăr (44) and the father of little Eva (7), who actually rejuvenated him and give him energy and motivation. to reinvent oneself.

I should have called you “mayor.” What happened at the election?

Claudiu I came out on the second place, with a third of the percentages. The majority voted for the former mayor, despite the fact that he received a criminal conviction for bribery and was consequently suspended. But I have been waiting for the election for over 6 months, during which time there is an interim mayor, and I am a local councilor. So the story is not over.

The fact that the old mayor was re-elected also says a lot about the preferences of the locals.

It was a more emotional vote, of fear again: “Who is this, what does he want from us, why did he come here?” It was not a clear rational vote. People were held in fear, the town hall was a master, not a servant in the relationship with the community.

Maybe some expected you to leave with your tail between your legs…

On the contrary! And my team was really excited about what score I got, given that I’ve been here since June. It is true that it was a difficult campaign, especially for me, a newcomer to the political area, rigors to which I had to adapt, speech and attitude constraints, permanent adaptation to the interlocutor. If you will, it was a play based on continuous improvisation.

And in October you returned to the stage.

I had a show. After eight months, I played the Titanic Orchestra. I had rehearsals on Tuesday, I played on Wednesday…

… after which the theaters closed again.

Unfortunately yes.

How do you feel after you’re given another shiver and then taken away?

I respect that decision, because it’s no joke! In my family there were cases of infection with Covid-19, Horaţiu Mălăele took Covid-19, it’s really no joke! I respect the measures taken and I returned, as I promised, to Belis.

Where are you in Belis?

Initially, I stayed at the boarding house of some very good friends, and now I’m looking to rent a house. But, somewhere, this altitude of the fir trees is deeply imprinted in my emotional memory, in my subconscious because, as a child, my father and I beat the Apuseni with the tent, the car, the puppy (I had a mouse)… At the same time, my maternal grandfather’s brother was the abbot of the Cheia monastery, Father Archimandrite Calist, with whom I stayed for a long time with my mother. In Belis, we did New Year’s Eve 2019-2020 at our friends’ boarding house, we bathed in the tub for the first time, after which we went out and rolled in the snow, when it was snowing outside with big flakes, like in a fairy tale. And I really didn’t catch a cold at all! And since then I have continued to come whenever I had a break between rehearsals or performances at the National Theater in Bucharest or those for the National Theater in Craiova. Many times I came only with Eva, because Iulia was caught with her projects at the National Theater in Craiova. But we took our holidays here, we brought our friends here… And look how January passed, in February I was caught with Anca Sigartău in the reserved Diagnostic project, on March 3 I played at the National in Cluj. In Craiova I had to play Shakespeare in Marin Sorescu’s Cousin Shakespeare, which was to be presented at the Shakespeare festival (which is biannual) – this year also marked 170 years since the birth of the Marin Sorescu National Theater in Craiova, so it was a double event! On March 12, it was heard that the pandemic would suspend the activity, but the next day we had rehearsals for the show A Midsummer Night’s Dream, wait, there is a disinsection, on the third day I didn’t even repeat, followed by quarantine. I went to Bucharest, and on the 15th I arrived in Belis with Eva and Iulia. This was followed by this inner process of mine, at the age of 61.

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