Ana Guerra left Operation Triumph 2017 with a hit under his arm. Despite not being the song selected to represent Spain in Eurovision, The bad It became a bombshell that launched Guerra, and his partner Aitana, to the top of the music industry.

Now, years after boom that both received with that theme, the singer has embarked on a complex challenge: covering Raffaella Carrà. Neither more nor less than with one of the songs with which the Italian diva managed to obtain the most success, In love everything is starting.

The former contestant of Triumph operation it has done on the occasion of the film’s release Explode, explode, director Nacho Álvarez’s debut feature, whose cast includes actresses such as Ingrid García Jonsson, Verónica Echegui or Natalia Millán, who it premiered last friday.

What is your favorite song by Raffaella Carrà? Man I think without a doubt In love everything is starting And if it wasn’t, it has become my favorite Raffaella song, because it has been a super honor to be able to sing this song in this movie.

What has been the most difficult part of covering the Italian interpreter? Precisely that, trying to make my version of the song respecting the original very much and making people know what song it is as they start listening. We have worked with Bruno Dabruk, who is a fantastic producer, and between the two of us we have done this version. It is a responsibility because it is a song that has been danced a lot, it has been sung a lot, it has been part of a time in the lives of many people and it was a challenge, but we are very happy with the result and with the welcome.

ANA Guerra

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Canarian interpreter and composer who became known thanks to her time in the ‘Operación Triunfo 2017’ contest. She was a candidate to represent Spain at the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. After leaving the competition, she released several singles and in 2019 her first album ‘Reflection’ arrived.

How did you make this proposal? And what did it mean to you? I threw myself into the pool. Because of course, you go blind, you have not seen the movie. From Universal Pictures they said, we want Ana to cover this song, also without it being a specific record. And from Universal Music they also gave me all kinds of freedom, and that’s wonderful. All the musical styles crossed my mind until I got to this one, I wanted it to be in accordance with what I was doing musically and with what I have been doing until now. And apart from being a challenge, it was super good news these days that anything that comes out of work is fantastic, on top of that I then saw the movie and loved it.

Is it easier to bring out your own songs or make a version that already has as much prestige as this one you have done? I think it’s easier to make my own songs. In some way, you modify, you change what you want, you choose different productions and you work the way you want. However, this, with how well known it is … that was the greatest handicap that was in this song.

In the film we know several love stories and how the song says: “In love, everything is beginning.” What does Ana Guerra think of this phrase? For me, eating and scratching is starting. But perhaps in love it is what can be the most lazy. When you already have a person, a partner and you already know yourself and whatever it is because in the end you have to meet another person and you have to start over, within which I think it is also the most magical part, it may be the one that most laziness give at the same time.

The song has been very well received and has been number one on iTunes Argentina, but … Have you had the chance to share any impressions with Raffaella about the version you have made of your song? How strong! I haven’t had anything yet, I’m very nervous. I would love to, it was not possible to do the premiere as we would have liked and the truth is that I was hoping that she would come to the premiere, be able to meet her and, even if it were, chat for two minutes with her. I hope you like it, but above all, Raffaella, if you’re reading me, it’s made with all the love in the world and with all the respect.

And as for the issue of interpretation.Would you like to undertake a project in a series or do something in film? It is something that I have always liked a lot. In fact, there are people in my family who said to my parents: “Your daughter is not a singer, your daughter is an actress.” I’ve spent my whole life playing a character. I have always been superdramatic, so I have always brought my emotions to their maximum splendor, that is very actress. I have never studied it because I have also focused a lot, I have put all my energies so that they were on the same path. But it is true that, with a film like this, where people sing, dance and perform, with a lot of help, I would like to try one day.

Ana Guerra in the presentation of'Explode, explode'.
Ana Guerra in the presentation of ‘Explode, explode’.

Last week, the Red Alert platform organized a demonstration in defense of culture in several Spanish cities. Why do you think it is important to vindicate the role of culture and how do you think this sector so affected by the crisis of the coronavirus? We have been super affected. I was not going to tour and I have been giving concerts. I really liked seeing how people were encouraged to come to the concerts. We have security measures, some of those who came said: “I feel safer here than in the supermarket.” With the distances we are meeting, the way in and out of the concert, the temperature measurements, people did not move from their places. The way we relate and the way we live has changed us. Everything can be adapted for this, it is not necessary to choose whether in one field it is possible or if not in others, I think everything is adaptable and we all want to work. What happens can be done with care and by developing extreme security measures, because it is undeniable that they are places where many people gather, but the promoters of the concerts have shown me that it can be done and the people who they have come that they have respected it 100%.

What is the strangest thing for you about this situation at concerts? Imagine, I have a repertoire that I dance, sing, go with the dancers, what I like is to see the people above. I always repeat the same phrase, “get your ass off the chair”, I’ve always said it, but now it’s, “and don’t move, you can get up, but stay in your square meter. And the strangest thing is a bit that, that in the end, almost any place, no matter how much you fill it, looks empty. We are going to very large places, and it is very good because people are encouraging to come, but with the safety distances, in the end you do not have that feeling of that sea of ​​people that you see, and that is very cool on stage, you have a feeling a bit cold, but people take care to remove it.

Do you like to continue being known as Ana War, a former contestant on OT, or do you think it’s time to take off that sticker and be fully recognized for who you are? That sticker has been the best and most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me since I started singing when I was 7 years old, so, never take it off.

What projects do you have in the short or long term? I keep working on the album, on the release of singlesWe wanted to release an album at the end of the year, but it is all very complicated and we do not mind waiting a little longer while songs continue to come out, to be able to do the signatures in conditions. I will be touring next year as well and have some gigs now.

He has been seen with Juan Pablo Isaza (vocalist of the group Morat). Yes, we have been recording a very cool thing.

Last week his fellow academics Mireya and Raoul presented a collaboration together. What do you think? I’ve known about this ever since I met Raoul. The song seems spectacular to me, they are two voices that have always done this (joins their hands) between them, and the fact that there is something new for the future that is not just a collaboration within the academy, but that they have done something unprecedented to do it together seems fantastic.

Would you like to work with one of your colleagues from the academy again? (Laughs) Working with any of my fellow academics is always a pleasure or would be a pleasure to do so.

Is Ana Guerra seen in Eurovision? Not for the moment. He would have to have something very beast. I think there are people who look more than me, but hey, it would always be an honor to represent my country.