Director of the U.S. National Intelligence Agency John Ratcliffen according to Russia and Iran have tried to influence the US presidential election. Ratcliffe says threatening messages have been sent to voters.

“We are confident that Iran has taken over voter registration information, as has Russia,” Ratcliffe said at a news conference on Wednesday.

– We have noticed that Iran has sent scam messages designed to intimidate voters, incite general unrest and harm President Trump.

There has also been electoral influence within the United States. Florida officials say intimidation messages have been sent to Democrat-registered voters urging voters to choose Donald Trump re-appointed.

– You will vote for Trump on election day or we will come after you. Change your party affiliation to the Republican side so we know you’ve got the message and obey. We know who you voted for in the posts.

– I’d take this seriously. Good luck.

The message sent to all recipients is identical in content, but the voter is addressed with their own name in the messages. The sender is suspected of the far-right organization Proud Boys. The Florida authorities are investigating the reports in cooperation with the FBI.