Instagram treats users to classic app icons

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Instagram allows users to set a classic app icon on the home screen of the phone. These are icons that Instagram used for 2016. In this way, the company celebrates its tenth anniversary on Tuesday.

Over the years, Instagram has changed its app icon a number of times. Since 2016, the app has looked like a sleek, flat representation of a Polaroid camera with white lines on a colored background on the home screens of phones.

Until 2016, Instagram used more detailed images of cameras in its icon. The most famous is probably the variant that Instagram calls ‘Classic 2’. This brown, square camera had shadows to create depth.

Instagram has also made available an icon that was used before the first release. It shows a gray lens, with the text ‘Codename’ over it in red. The modern icon can also be set in other colors. There is a black and white option and a Pride version.

The latest version of the app is required to install the app icons. Then open the settings in Instagram. On that screen, swipe down, after which the icons will appear.



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