Insider about the family happiness of the couple with daughter Willa

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have been parents to a young daughter for two months. The new life of the Hollywood couple should be “exciting and funny” at the same time, as several insiders reveal.

Joe Jonas, 31, and Sophie Turner, 24, are enjoying their new life as parents. Their first child, daughter Willa, was born on July 22nd. Now several insiders have revealed how the family is doing and how the singer and actress fill their new roles as parents. So much can already be revealed at this point: According to sources, the two could hardly be happier.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner enjoy parenting

As the insiders report to “HollywoodLife”, the singer and the “Game of Thrones” actress enjoy every second with their daughter. Not only did Turner show incredible mothering qualities, Joe Jonas was a wonderful parent who was in no way neglected. “You [Sophie Turner, Anm. d. Red.] has such a calm demeanor and has taken on this new chapter like a pro, “said an insider. And further:” Joe took care of himself all the time as a full-time dad. It’s more than just a support system, it’s an equal partner, and you are a great team! “Happy for Two Pregnant Stars (8351)

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are also said to struggle with challenges

Of course, the “Jonas Brothers” member and the actress had difficulties at first. New life, new challenge. “Joe and Sophie take parenting very seriously. It’s a lot of fun, but it’s also a challenge because so many things are so new in their lives,” explains an insider. However, the small Willa is an asset in every respect.

“Sophie really enjoys being a mother every day. It’s been a wonderful change in her life and everything she has always dreamed of!”

Their daughter has welded the couple even closer together. Joe Jonas should be blown away and admire the calm and naturalness with which his wife masters her new role.

Sophie Turner publishes photos with a baby bump

Turner and Jonas never made the pregnancy public. Only paparazzi pictures showed the 24-year-old with a baby bump. Two weeks ago, about six weeks after Willa was born, Sophie Turner first shared pictures showing her with a growing baby ball. The “Sansa Stark” actress keeps her new life as a mother to herself – and as the insiders unanimously reveal, she seems to be enjoying every second of it.

Sources used: HollywoodLife


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