Chinese applications WeChat and TikTok are no longer available for download in the US since yesterday. The Commerce Department made the announcement on September 18, fulfilling President Donald Trump’s threat based on national security reasons. The order prohibits Apple, Google and other companies that offer app stores from offering the two for download on any US platform. The decision does not affect any platform outside the US. WeChat – an application with messaging, social media and payment features – practically closed on September 20th.

TikTok users can no longer download updates, but can still use the app until November 12, when the ban becomes complete. The term offers the owner of ByteDance to reach an agreement with the American company Oracle, in order to be able to continue the operations in the USA. Donald Trump said in August that the data collected by TikTok could be used by Chinese espionage. Meanwhile, TikTok and the ByteDance Ltd. company, which owns the application, have asked a US court to block the Trump administration’s decision to ban the Chinese application, according to Bloomberg. And the Chinese government announced on Saturday that it will introduce a mechanism that will allow it to restrict the activities of foreign companies, a measure seen largely as retaliation against the US, according to AFP.

US President Donald Trump has said he accepts, in principle, an agreement under which US operations of the Chinese application TikTok will be taken over by Oracle and Walmart. If the transaction materializes, TikTok will become a US-based company, concluding negotiations that have sparked intense debate over national security and the future of the Internet. “I gave them my blessing, if they can do it, it’s great, but even if it doesn’t work out, it’s fine,” Trump said at a White House news conference on Saturday.

The president said the deal would create 25,000 jobs, mostly in Texas, adding that the new company would continue to be called TikTok and “would have nothing to do with China.” Reuters reported on Thursday that the new company, called TikTok Global, will have a majority of US executives, a US executive director and a security expert on the board.

Trump said the new TikTok company would be “fully controlled by Oracle and Walmart” and will be based in Texas. The company also agreed to make a $ 5 billion donation to an educational fund in that state. Final approval will come if the agreement between the three companies is successfully finalized after a decision by the US Foreign Investment Committee. China must also give its consent.