Tiffany Dover is a nurse at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. On Thursday, December 17, he was a part of a bunch of 5 medical workers who have been vaccinated with the vaccine produced by Pfizer-BioNTech. After that, Tiffany got here to the press for brief statements, however she bought sick and fainted.

The sequence toured social networks, getting used to recommend that the brand new vaccine can be harmful. It is simply that, Le Monde journalists, quoted by Freedom, demonstrates that essential details about this incident is omitted.

Though the pictures are actual, they don’t current the entire context, implicitly, they don’t current the actual explanation for the fainting. minutes after the incident, Tiffany Dover recovered and defined what had occurred. These explanations, nevertheless, are lacking from the video movie circulating on social networks.

Tiffany Dover mentioned that it was not a shock for her that she fainted as a result of she suffers from a illness that causes her to faint on the slightest sensation of ache. The injection within the arm triggered fainting.

Chattanooga Hospital’s director of intensive care, Jesse Tucker, says what occurred to the nurse can’t be thought of an impact of the vaccine. Such a response “can happen regularly with any vaccine or injection” and could be linked to a affected person’s anxiousness or stress about injections, he mentioned.

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