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The country registered almost 97,900 new infected with Covid-19, while criticism of the Narendra Modi government multiplied.

India established this Thursday a new record of daily infections of coronavirus, while criticism against the government for the management of the pandemic multiplies.

According to Thursday’s report, the Asian country registered in the last 24 hours 97,894 positive cases. In this way, the accumulated number of Covid-19 patients already reaches 5,118,253.

The Indian authorities reported that 1,009,976 of them remain active.

If the evolution of the coronavirus continues like this, it is expected to overtake the United States as the country with the most accumulated infections in a few weeks.

In addition, the death toll was once again over a thousand: this Thursday there were 1,132 deaths. The deceased are already 83,198

In recent days, India exhibited infection figures above 90,000. Almost a week ago, the authorities added 97,570 cases, the highest figure until the balance of this Thursday.

On the other hand, the state of Maharashtra, in western India, has the highest number of active cases, with 297,506; well ahead of Karnataka, in the southwest, with 101,645; and Andhra Pradesh, in the southeast, with 93,204.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi entrusted “with force” to Maa Durga, a deity of Hinduism “to overcome the global pandemic”, on the occasion of the Mahalaya holiday, which coincided with the president’s 70th birthday.

“We pray to Maa Durga for receive your strong blessing and overcome the global pandemic. May Maa Durga’s divine blessings ensure good health and happiness in everyone’s life, “she wrote on her Twitter account.

Modi’s work to counter the pandemic is at the center of controversy. In the last hours, questions they multiply, as the contagions of Covid-19 grow.

At the resumption of parliamentary sessions after a five-month hiatus, Anand Sharma, Derek O’Brien and other opposition leaders criticized him for abruptly imposing a two month quarantine across the country in March.

According to opposition leaders, Modi did not give state governments time to prepare to manage the pandemic and prevent millions of jobless migrants from leaving the cities for their home villages.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan defended the executive’s decision, noting that the confinement prevented up to three million more infections and some 78,000 deaths.

India performs more than a million daily virus tests across the country, a dramatic increase made possible by the use of faster and cheaper, but also less reliable tests.

The Supreme Court of New Delhi on Wednesday ordered the government increase the number of RT-PCR tests, which detect the genetic code of the virus, because those of antigens, which look for viral proteins, have an accuracy of 60%.

With information from DPA and AP


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