Independiente is close to adding to an extreme that Rosario Central cannot pay

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The Avellaneda club has everything agreed with Liverpool of Uruguay to stay with Federico Martínez, a 24-year-old Uruguayan striker.

Federico Martinez he trains under the orders of Kily González in Rosario Central, but he is waiting for a call to confirm his move to Buenos Aires, more precisely to Independiente.

The 24-year-old Uruguayan attacker would not continue in the You bastard despite having only played two games there. It is that the Avellaneda club has everything agreed with Liverpool of Uruguay and will put the money that the Santa Fe team did not put to incorporate it into a bet of the leadership, with the endorsement of Lucas Pusineri.

Missing? That he Red deposit on the other side of the Río de la Plata the first installment of the $ 1,350,000 which he arranged by word of mouth with the entity. The amount of this first turn will be 300 thousand dollars and once that is effective, Liverpool will notify Central and the right winger who can also play on the left will assemble their bags.

Central had acquired 30 percent of Martínez in exchange for almost 800 thousand of the North American currency. However, he never fulfilled that commitment and generated a debt that became unpayable when the pandemic broke out and the crisis that it brought about.

Liverpool, then, claimed the payment in FIFA. The Rosario leadership hoped to be able to renegotiate the debt, but the situation was not simple. That was when Independiente appeared through his manager, Jorge Burruchaga, who was the one who initiated the negotiations with the Uruguayan club. He also warned in Central that he intended to accelerate for his player and received the go-ahead.

It is that the Rosario team, although it loses an important soccer player, resolves a conflict because once the Diablo make your payment, Liverpool will raise your claim with FIFA.

The conversations have been going on for a while. In the first instance, the intention was to put what Central did not put and keep that 30 percent. But with the days everything was turning. On the other side of the river they imposed conditions different from those claimed by Independiente and everything had stalled in the last week. Until this Wednesday he got back on track and when the money is turned over everything will be sealed.

It is about a player who He was not requested by Pusineri, although the coach approved his arrival. Martinez emerged from Liverpool, where he played 137 games and scored 27 goals. And if in these hours everything goes as stipulated, it will be confirmed as a red reinforcement.

Another one that is one step away is the central defender Ezequiel Muñoz, who already had a medical check-up last weekend and is awaiting the resolution of the last details to stamp the signature and join the squad in Villa Domínico.

Pusineri is very attentive to what happens in Mexico. Is waiting for good news from Sebastian Sosa, who is unlocking his departure from Mazatlán. The 34-year-old goalkeeper has already spoken with Mexican officials and made it clear that he wants to return to Argentina.

Independiente offered a free loan with a purchase option. In Mazatlán they requested a charge of about $ 300,000, which by these hours was reduced to 200,000. As it transpired, the Uruguayan himself, former Boca, Vélez and Central, would make an economic effort to take over a large part of that figure and thus expedite his goodbye.

Meanwhile, two youth players renewed their contracts until December 2023. They are defenders Sergio Barreto and Thomás Ortega, both with an exit clause of $ 20 million.



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